Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

Weekend Getaways around Mumbai

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Mumbai doesn’t need an introduction. The city of dreams adorned with the Queen’s Necklace especially at midnight is the sight to watch for. A city that never sleeps, a city that is always bustling around, colourful and alive, that’s Mumbai for you. It is that one place in India that brings in a hidden you. Ages ago, Bombay was gifted to the British king Charles II by the Portuguese in the form of dowry. A one of a kind destination, the capital city draws people in big chunk from all across the nation in search of jobs, business and settlement. In the current times, it has been a great avenue for people venturing into the glamour industry and the MNC culture. With such a hectic schedule, a lot of people lookout for weekends to unwind and relax. For such moments, we bring to you some of the best weekend getaways around Mumbai to chill out and have fun with your group of friends.

Shirdi- A place that has a spiritual effect

Shirdi- A place that has a spiritual effect on you simply by its name, a place that draws immense crowd on a major aspect of faith and belief in the supreme power, that’s Shirdi for you. A place specifically for the ones with religious bent of mind, Shirdi draws in a number of devotees of Sai Baba, a spiritual guru who rose to popularity in the beginning of the 20th century. It is believed that prayers with a clear and honest mind help heal people and make miracles happen in their lives.


Nasik (Nashik) – A city connected with spirituality, Nashik is often considered as a base for exploring Someshwar, Wani and Shirdi. The Grape City, as it is popularly known among locals due to its massive production of grapes. A place full of life, it offers some great avenues to visit including The Coin Museum, Pandavleni Caves, Artillery Centre, Deolali Camp, etc.

Nasik (Nashik)

Matheran- After a long and tiring week, all a person looks forward to is a cool and relaxing weekend. Mumbai apart from being crowded is often struck by humid climate and at such a point of time a hill station works as a solace to one’s heart and soul. Treat your family to a ride in a toy train and some spectacular views; treat them with a road trip to Matheran.


Lonavala- One of the most populous destination among the glamour world; yes, we are talking about Lonavala. Almost every second star owns a farmhouse at either Lonavala or Khandala. Talk about campfires and close knit night parties, these two places always win the show. During the monsoon season, expect a chunk of tourists. The hill station is easily accessible and can be reached via road as well as local train available from Karjat station.


Khandala- The twin of Lonavala, Khandala is as much popular among travelers. A popular destination among hikers or trekkers, this place offers a pleasant climate that works equally for the romantic at heart and adventurers by birth. Look for the Tiger’s Leap, Duke’s Nose, Ancient Jail, Bhushi Lake and Karla and Bhuja Cave.


Goa- If you can manage to travel a little more than the above mentioned places then there could be nothing better than Goa to enjoy a short holiday. Considering the fact that the coming weekend has an added off with the Good Friday, an escapade to the land of beaches could turn out to be one of the best times of your life. Get into the summer mood, pack in some haute dresses and there you are, to splash in the waters, to dance your heart, to get a spa like never before and to enjoy a sun bath.

By Harshita Srivastava