Weekend Getaway around Kolkata

Weekend Getaway around Kolkata

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The city of joy, Kolkata is in itself a great avenue to bring out the explorer within you. There’s so much to discover, to explore, to wonder, to imbibe, to absorb, to learn that it’d take ages to know the true essence of the land of Kali Ma. If you are staying in the Queen’s land and wish to break free off the monotonous life then travel options nearby include a trip to Bhubaneshwar or Puri or Sunderbans.

Sunderbans- Explore the wildlife of India by taking a walk to the Sunderbans, the mangrove forest. Take the cruises by the side of river Brahmaputra to take a sneak peek into the National Park and Tiger Reserve. The Royal Bengal Tiger, that’s going to be the catch of the trip.


Puri- The Goa of Eastern India, that’s Puri for you. Take a stroll at the beach or maybe get a message to get rejuvenate your body like never before. Experience grandeur with the Konark Sun Temple, that one place you’ll remember all your life.


Bhubaneswar- Bhubaneshwar or Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, replaced Cuttack after independence. A cultural and religious city, it is said to have almost thousand temples to its credit. Muktesvara Temple, Lingaraj Temple, ISCKON Temple and Ram Mandir, are a few temples that are quite popular among devotees and are worth visiting. Expect a lot of them to be possess the Kalinga form of architecture.


By Harshita Srivastava