Surfing Destinations in India

Top 5 Surfing Destinations in India

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India’s vast 7000 km coastline and stretch of azure water which knows no end contributes to the country’s geographical layout. That is not the end though. Our country’s ecstatic beauty contributed by picturesque oceans has reached the heart of millions of domestic and international. The concept of holidaying has changed with time, thanks to advent of technology and new ideas generated in the tourism sector. People no more travel just for a romantic escapade or a leisure family outing. They travel in search of something different, something thrilling and exciting which they will remember forever. With an increasing number of backpackers and adventure junkies visiting India’s, its water bodies have become more demanding. Therefore, a latest introduction in tourism industry called ‘Surfing’ happened to meet the adventurous mood of such travellers.

These adventure lovers crave to ride high on waves, balance their weight on surf boat, let brisk air blow over their hair and they experience a new world of sun, sea and sand. If you are not sure where to head for surfing in India, then look no further. Goibibo brings to you a list of 5 exotic surfing destinations that will give you the most awesome feeling and best chance to explore the blue sea. Take a look.

1. Kovalam Beach, Kerala


Known for its beach side cafes and international tourists, Kovalam is the most sought after beach destination for both adventure and leisure lovers. It is the perfect address for surfers to take their surf boats and head for an adventure on the waters. Though its rocky sea bead turns out surfing a bit risky, yet surfers are provided with all life saving equipments before heading for the expedition. Experienced surfers can ride the high waves and starters are guided by surf clubs in Kovalam area. The weather from October to February is the best time for the act.

2. Varkala Beach, Kerala


While Kovalam is ideal for expert surfers, Varkala beach is ideal for beginners. Atmosphere, waves and sandy sea here are perfect here for surfing. Those who want to learn the water sport, can do that too in Varkala Beach. So before the scorching summer sets in, pack you bag and head for a thrill at Varkala. November to March is the best time for surfing.

3. Gokarna Beach, Karnataka


Though known for its serene scenic and lone setting, the beach provides everything required for surfing. The beauty of surrounding mountains, lines of coconut trees, clear skies clean blue water and friendly waves can be experienced more vivaciously by surfing in Gokarna Beach. Also you need not be an expert. Take your surf boats between October and March and get set go!!

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4. Paradip, Odisha


Those who have not heard about the place, now it is time for them to know about it. Paradip is a paradise for experienced surfers who can travel approximately 1km on the gigantic waves beating the sun rays. It is always advisable to avoid heavy downpour between July to September and travel between November to April. So be ready for a lifetime experience in this coming season.

5. Goa


Water sports in the state of beaches, Goa, need no introduction. Its splendid and charming beaches along with blue waters of Arabian Sea are highly recommended for surfing. It allures tourists and surfers from round the world to catch a glimpse of its scenic beauty and feel the thrill of adventure. Along with para sailing and water scooter, it’s time to try out the all new surfing expedition.

If you are a water person and the sight and sound of waves drive you crazy, then stop giving a second thought and ride high on the waves in India. Plan now!