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Have a look at these do’s and don’ts of White Water Rafting

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I am sure you would love to hit the rapids, ride on the wild waters of untamed rivers, take your rafting boats far across the rivers and let your adrenaline rush like never before. White water river rafting has turned out to be a favourite sport amongst adventure junkies. Especially in India, the mighty rivers gushing down the heights of Himalayan Ranges create an euphoric setting to river rafting in India. However, before heading for this pleasure seeking adventure sport, you must prepare yourself accurately. We would like to share some great Do’s and Don’ts ideas to make white water rafting vacations safe and more enjoyable and exciting.

Water Rafting


  • Dress accordingly! Wear light, airy and quick drying garments as it make the rafting expedition more thrilling. Remember to bring an extra pair of clothes that you need to wear after the sport. Carry a towel and a bottle of sunscreen too. A waterproof camera is a must to capture those exciting moments with the waters.
  • Wear a life jacket: even if you know swimming, do wear a life jacket. It is a mandate for all who undertake the expedition. Make sure the jacket is is snug and buckled throughout.
  • Wear proper shoes: do not wear flip- flops and slippers. Going bare feet is a strict no. Old sneakers, water shoes or sandals with ankle straps are best types for water rafting.
  • Help your fellows back: if your fellow rafters unintentionally fall into the water, do pull them back to the raft. Even if you don’t know them, don’t ignore them also.
  • Pay attention to guides: Listen to your river guides’ safety precautions carefully as they are going to keep you thrilled and safe. Let them know about any medical conditions if you have any.



  • Do not stand: during a moving current, do not stand up at all. If you fall by chance. You can float on your back with toes pointed up facing downstream.
  • ┬áDon’t drink: do not drink or bring alcohol during the trip. It is dangerous as you may feel drowsy. It is harmful for all, you yourself, guides and fellow rafters.
  • Avoid unwanted particles: if you see fallen debris or tree branches on the river, avoid them and take a different route.
  • Do avoid cotton clothes: as the atmosphere remains windy, wearing cotton clothes may catch you cold. For cooler months, wear wetsuits or woollens to keep yourself dry.
  • Lastly and most importantly, never go for rafting alone!!

Rafting is an adventure of a lifetime. Remembering all safety precautions, you must take this adventure sport to recapitulate its thrilling memories again and again. Water rafting in Rishikesh is an amazing way to explore the mighty Ganges and Indian Himalayas and is also known to turn your white water rafting vacations into an ideal one.