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Out Now: Your Age Group Appropriate Travel Itinerary

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Travelling is an activity that impresses people of almost all age groups and lets them enjoy quality time with family and friends. While most people take help and inspiration from social media; there are many who plan randomly. There are many choices and sources that inspire us to travel and explore. However, a recent research done by a U.S based organization shows that travelling, according to your age, can help you in making the most of your vacation.

Travel Itinerary
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Based on a research, we have drafted a travel itinerary, created the parameters for you to roam around, have endless fun and make some magical memories. Take a look.

Age Group: 18-30

Travel Itinerary
Mountain trekking | Photo Credit:

The study says that travellers aged between 18 to 25 should take a trip to mountains. Trekking, mountain climbing and adventure activities can be included in your travel itinerary without a second thought. Triund, Mcleodganj, Chamoli, Kasauni, etc. are some of the top choices for trekking in India.

Age Group: 31-44

Travel Itinerary
Colva Beach, South Goa | Photo Credit: Jatin Behl

According to the research, people planning vacations during their age of 30-40 should head to the beaches. Whether you wish to take a sunbath or give yourself a rejuvenating break; the beaches of Goa, Kerala and Puri are the ideal choices.

Age Group: 45 +

Travel Itinerary
Infinity pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala | Photo Credit:

People above the age of 45 are advised to take a break at peaceful and serene places. Spas, meditation centres and hotels with sauna and swimming pools, especially ones with infinity pools like Wildflower Shimla or Vivanta by Taj-Malabar, are perfect for all belonging to this age group. Book a suite soon and enjoy a relaxing break.

Age Group: 50 +

Travel Itinerary
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The ‘above 50’ years of people are usually free from all sorts of responsibilities and it’s the best time when they can take a joy ride across the world and have unlimited fun. London, Turkey and Paris can be added to the list. So, pack your bags and get going.

Age: No Bar

Travel Itinerary
Road trip | Picture Credit: Jatin Behl

 Well, this category is for those travellers who think age is just a number. If your body is 55 and your heart is still at 25, then you definitely go for an adventurous safari at the Ranthambore National Park, a refreshing road trip to Manali or a thrilling river rafting excursion in Rishikesh.

Vacation preferences may vary from individual to individual, but taking them according to age gives a unique experience. So, next time you are drafting a travel itinerary or planning a trip, visit the one that is perfect for your age. And if you aren’t much affected by the numbers of your age; go take that long pending break. After all, it’s your life, make it large!


Swimming to Infinity: India’s 10 Breathtaking Infinity Pools

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Swimming in outdoor pool is what most of us die for. But, nothing can beat the surreal experience of swimming in an infinity pool, a water body that merges effortlessly into surrounding natural landscapes without clear cut edges. Here, the visual effect of the water reaching out to horizon and vanishing to infinity is a sight to behold forever. Infinity pools are set either in the midst of mountains or rainforest or right in front of a beach or harbour. They are dreamlike, they are fulfilling, they are absolutely pristine, they lead to an outright surreal experience. Many luxury hotels have adopted the concept of infinity pools, just to render a sweet refreshing touch to vacation. Goibibo has crafted a list of 10 breathtaking infinity pools in India, just for you. Take a look!

The Leela Palace, New Delhi

infinity pools
Infinity pool at The Leela Palace Hotel, Delhi | Photo Credit:

Needless to stay, the hotel boasts of a plush ambience, and its uniquely designed rooftop infinity pool is its sole element that help keep yourself away from the hustle bustle of the city. Submerge in the temperature controlled water of the pool and lose yourself to the spectacular vistas of the bustling city below.

The unique feature: This is the capital’s only temperature controlled rooftop infinity pool. Come, dip, breathe and rejuvenate!

Leela Kovalam, Kerala

infinity pools
Soak into the sublime beauty of the infinity pool at Leela Kovalam | Photo Credit:

Two infinity swimming pools and flawless radiant views of the long swathe of Arabian Sea’s coastline are much awaited visual treats. The pool in the central activity area of the Beach-View wing is encapsulated by a series of coconut grooves. The club house infinity pool perched atop the sea-view wing lets you bask in soothing waters and soak in the spectacular sunset views. Flanked by two wonderful beaches, Leela Kovalam makes way for an intensified swimming experience.

The unique feature: There are two infinity pools, so be prepared to double your experience.

Taj Malabar, Kochi

infinity pools
The stunning infinity pool of Taj Malabar, Kochi | Photo Credit:

The hotel stares right at the wondrous backwaters of Kochi. The waters of its infinity pool, Aquarius, seem to merge with blue prismatic waters of Kochi harbour, thereby lending a highly striking view. The magnificent illusion it creates is one of lifetime experiences. Be it morning or evening, view from Aquarius is always spellbound.

The unique feature: Specially arranged candle-light dinner on the lawns of the pool. Sigh!!

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala

 infinity pools
Placid waters of the infinity pool of Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala | Photo Credit:

Enamoured by tall palm trees, Kumarakom Lake Resort on the banks of Vembanad Lake is bestowed with a gorgeous artificial element, the infinity pool. While you unwind at the pool, the impressive views of blue-and-green expanse will come their way to hold you back for hours. The memory is bound to get etched in your mind forever.

The unique feature: An inviting jacuzzi by the poolside doubles the experience of relaxing under open sky.

Alila Diwa, Goa

Infinity pools
Infinity pool of Alila Diwa overlooking the green paddies | Photo Credit:

Unwind yourself just like the infinity pool of the resort stretches itself into lush green paddy fields of Goa. It gives an exclusive chance to discover the beauty of Goa beyond beaches. The resort is an enclave of exclusivity and its endless infinity pool is one that steals your heart away. Swim, breathe and get lost in paradise.

The unique feature: The comfort of distinguished floating lounge chairs, which falls short of words to be described.

Wildernest Country Resort, Goa

How can the stunning beauty of the infinity pool of Wildernest Country Resort be left out? The pool melts gradually into the surrounding landscape of hills and valleys and lend the setting for a perfect date with the horizon. Be it dawn or dusk, it encapsulates you with myriad vistas formed as a melange of man and nature.

The unique feature: The sweet fragrance of medicinal plants that enamours you while bathing.

Swissotel, Kolkata

infinity pools
Rooftop infinity pool at Swissotel, Kolkata | Photo Credit:

The 5 star property in the heart of Kolkata boasts of rooftop infinity pool that stretches to the horizon limitlessly. The pool is dramatic and while swimming, you can immerse in the captivating views of the city that extends up to the airport. Grasp the feel of being in a rooftop oasis in the midst of an otherwise thriving city.

The unique feature: An added dash of oomph is the romantic open air dining. Your 1st date is about to happen? Book a table by the pool side.

Wildflower Hall, Shimla

Perched atop almost 8,250 feet, swimming in the infinity pool of Wildflower Hall gives an otherworldly experience of swimming amid mountains. While the never-ending stretch of cedar and pine trees delight the eyes, the view of snowy Himalayas at a distance is equally ravishing.

The unique feature: To add on to your comfort and healthy vacation, the outdoor pool is connected to a heated indoor pool.

Orange County Resort, Kabini

Relax in the infinity pool of Orange County Resort, Kabini | Photo Credit:

The azure waters of the infinity pool create an illusion of merging with the placid lake at Nagarhole. For a relaxed course on timelessness and to soak in an enchanting atmosphere, take gentle dips in the prismatic waters. Simply relax and get transferred to a world where time knows no limits. The golden morning sky or the russet sunset, all lend to the most memorable experience of swimming in an infinity pool.

The unique feature: Mixed experience contributed by the resort’s rustic look and its contemporary style pool.

Kurumba Village Resort, Coonoor

infinity pools
Infinity pool of Kurumba Village Resort placed amid thick greenery | Photo Credit:

Situated amid the alluring Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, Kurumba Village Resort is blessed with a spellbound infinity pool that stretches to the lush green valley of the region. A fascinating mesh of natural and artificial marvels, the pool is just perfect to swim, rejuvenate and go deep into the wonders of nature.

The unique feature: Though the resort is spread over huge landscape, it makes sure that the pool is just a walk away from all suites and cottages.

Forget tanning, just bask in the pool waters right under the blue dazzling sky, and let your tiredness melt away. Go, experience and share your story with us!