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Indian Railway Budget– 2015 brings double decker dhamaka

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Indian Railway Budget – 2015
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The much anticipated Indian Railway Budget of 2015 is finally out. The rail budget which encompasses 77 new railway projects at a cost of INR 96,182 crore, has been hailed as “futuristic and passenger centric” by Prime Minister Modi. Although no new trains have been announced in the new budget, still with India’s first bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in full swing, the future of Indian rail transportation looks bright. The Indian Rail budget for 2015 focuses on integration of technology and betterment of existing infrastructure.

Double Decker delhi-lucknow

It has not been long since India’s first high speed train, i.e., Delhi-Agra Gatiman Express, started its operations last year. Now It appears that the passengers commuting between Delhi and Lucknow are in for an early Holi surprise as Delhi-Lucknow Double Decker Train is all set to fire on all cylinders before the festival in March. The AC double decker train, which was waiting for safety clearances for one year, has finally been cleared as Suresh Prabhu, railway minister, was quoted as saying that a clearance has been obtained from the Commissioner Railway Safety (CRS). Although a launching date has not been finalized yet, the launch is imminent in near future and most likely before Holi. Indian Railways is already operating various double decker trains in India and this Delhi-Lucknow double decker train will only add to the passengers’ delight.

train from Delhi to Lucknow

So if you are a passenger planning to travel in a train from Delhi to Lucknow, Delhi Lucknow Double Decker is definitely something you must look out for. It is reported that the double decker train comprises of 12 coaches, each with a seating capacity of 110 passengers. For a double decker train which is meant to carry maximum passengers, the top speed of the train is quite impressive at 110 kilometres per hour. The fare for a one way trip is believed to be around INR 630, which is anything but steep when you consider the fact that the double decker is fully air-conditioned.

It is safe to conclude that Delhi-Lucknow Double Decker Train is another step in the Indian Railways’ foray towards the betterment of transportation services in the country.

What else can we expect? More of the same, please.