Where to Get The Best Photos This Summer Vacation?

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It is that time of the year again when you can get the beach tan, play on white sand, ride on ocean waves and have unlimited fun. Summer vacations are meant to be enjoyed, make memories and spend quality time with friends and family. While you are planning to get set for the same, we have picked up the top destinations where you can have a blast and get the perfect vacation photographs. Take a look and tell us where are you planning to go?

1. Hawaii: There cannot be a better place than Hawaii for spending a marvellous summer vacation. Rugged landscapes, mesmerising islands and alluring beaches of this wonderland will make you fall in love with everything and entice you to click amazing pictures with the jaw dropping beaches at the background.

Summer Vacation
Cliff Jumping at the Hawaii Beach | Photo Credit:

2. Bora Bora: With a plethora of luxury resorts, turquoise blue ocean, sandy beaches and coral reefs, Bora Bora is another destination you should head to this summer. Enjoy scuba diving, rejuvenate yourself with a spa and get the perfect beach picture by visiting it soon.                  

Summer Vacation
The beautiful Bora Bora island | Photo Credit:

3. Amsterdam: With a rich treasure of cultural and historical heritage, Amsterdam also makes a great place for your next summer vacation. Paddle through the canals, click pictures and enjoy the scenic beauty of clean, green Amsterdam. The vibrant night-life of this beautiful place will double up the fun of your vacation.

Summer vacation
The alluring canals of Amsterdam | Photo Credit:

4. The Bahamas: Imagine yourself chilling at a place surrounded by turquoise blue waters and breathtaking sights. This can only happen if you choose to visit Bahamas for your summer vacation. With around 700 islands, this destination will not only give you beautiful pictures, but also give you the opportunity to enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving.

Summer Vacation
The breathtaking view of Bahamas Island | Photo Credit:

5. Virginia Beach: From cruise rides to board-walks, from fishing to water sports; there a number of things to see and enjoy at Virginia Beach. Whether you are with family or friends, there will not be a single moment in your trip that will make you feel bored. So, take your camera and capture some amazing shots of beach parties or aquatic creatures in Virginia.

Summer Vacation
The lively Virginia Beach | Photo Credit:

Add a pinch of magic to your vacation by trying some offbeat activities and doing something unusual. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to experience a ‘like never before’ summer vacation and create some magical memories that will last forever.


Run to the Hills – Summer Plans DONE

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Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Yes the summer is official and it is here.

Everybody is feeling the heat and we are not talking about some Sunny Leone song.

Or some T20 related fever.

 IPL Hot Dance Cheer Girls

We are talking about forty degrees plus temperatures, UFF! Turn up the air conditioning and cool off for a bit. It is so hot you can fry an egg on the asphalt, actually don’t try that as

A) It’s been tested and proved that you can’t do that.

B) It would the waste of a perfectly good egg because who would eat an egg that has come off the road.

Goa Beach

Soon the beaches will be deserted and all the cool people will be heading to the hills.

chilling in Goa

The people who spent their time chilling in Goa and along the golden sands of the Malabar and Coromandal coast are all headed to the cool climes of Manali, Darjeeling and Lonavala. At such a time what the people really want is wide range of choices and thankfully India is full of wonderful choices. There are more than a hundred cool hill stations spread across the length and breadth on the country and while some are famous and well known like Darjeeling and Mussorie, others are rapidly gaining ground and will soon become as popular.


by Rajesh Baruah