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The magic of photography isn’t unknown to any of us. Pictures add a different charm to your words and ideas. While content plays an important role in description of any ssubject yet pictures have the capacity to take it to an altogether different level.

Hotel reviews is something that happens to be an important part of our portal now. In our efforts to provide the best to our customers, we added the reviews section. Feedback in its direct form helps the best. Therefore we came up with the idea of letting our guests post up reviews of the hotels they stayed at so that it helps not only us but the other customers as well to make a wise decision while picking up hotels for themselves. This happens to be in-line with the hotel review sites such as TripAdvisor.

A hotel review looks a little incomplete without hotel photos. This is why we always encourage our customers to post pictures alongwith their feedback. We got in touch with our reviews and moderation team to know how pictures help a person in booking the right hotel. Listing across a few pointers:

  • While a customer is in a hurry, pictures give a quick view of the interiors and cleanliness of the rooms making the overall process quick and convenient.
  • The impact of a photo is a lot more effective than simple description in words. It has been observed that hotels with photo reviews have higher bookings and better positive reviews as compared to the ones that lack photos.
  • If there’s any short coming in the room, a picture gives a clear idea which a person may miss out while reading a feedback.
  • In-room amenities, interiors, furnishing and lighting can easily be gone through while looking at the pictures.
  • Photo reviews gives a genuine idea of the hotel room as compared to the professional photography of the rooms which is more satisfactory to the viewers.
  • Pictures have the potential to give better assurance to customers as compared to only content.
  • Moreover, consumers can sense the negatives well by simply viewing the photos.

It is now easy to post a review from your smartphone (Android/iOS) or Web. All you have to do is look for the hotel you’ve stayed at and start adding your content alongwith pictures.

So next time you go for a vacation, make sure you click snaps of your hotel room apart from your amazing travel photos. Sharing is caring! Help make travel easier with Goibibo hotel reviews.