15 Things Every 90’s Traveller Would Have Done

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90’s was a period to be cherished forever. From Hollywood hits to epic romantic Bollywood numbers, from the adventurous and mysterious series of Harry Potter to Enid Blyton’s English children’s stories, 90’s rewarded us with heaps of amazing things. A age devoid of WiFi, 4G and mobile based travel applications, travel during 90’s seemed to be a tedious job for many. However, there are millions who believe that some unique, rather exceptional features of 90’s travel now make them sigh. Forget if it was easier or harder, better or worse, confusing or carefree, let us revisit the golden era of holidaying and if possible, turn those crazy acts and nostalgic moments into reality. Here are some stuff every traveller from 90’s have done:

Carrying a Suitcase without Wheels


Those big heavy vintage looking suitcases with small handles must have given back pain and arthritis, but carrying them along with piles of clothes stuffed inside was way fashionable than pulling a classy trolley with ease today.

Keeping a Track of Travel Expenses in a Notepad


A pen and paper pad was enough to note down every single penny spent on travel. Who cared about maintaining an excel sheet and calculating expenses in their laptops’s calculator?

Travelling with a Road Map or Compass


I doubt if GPS or Google map was discovered then! With basic knowledge of geography, carrying a map and compass along was a common feature that every traveller of 90’s shared.

Locking Every Suitcase with Mini Locks and Steel Chains


Bags packed for train travel was accompanied by small locks and steel chains. Locking suitcases with a handle below the seat a common sight during train travel. Wait! Story does not end here! 90’s travellers even used to seal their bags with lock and key during flight travel. ‘Security check’ was just a term that time!

Carrying Home-made Food


A separate food baggage was a must, especially during train journey. Irrespective of the hours of train journey, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner was cooked at home and packed separately. And international travel? Laddoo, khakra and dhokla travelled free of cost. Cup noodles were beyond imagination. Haha!

Ladies Secretly Putting a Mini Pouch with Cash in Bosom


One of the creative creative ways to hide cash in the past. May be a Fastrack pouch was yet to be discovered! LOL!

Purchasing Typical Gifts Like Key Chains Made of Sea-shells or Woollen Cardigans


miniature gift

Beaches meant key chains and ornaments made of sea shells, hills meant woollen sweaters and historical sites meant miniature versions of Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower. And all friends and cousins were satisfied! Ahh!

Roaming with Milton Water Bottle All the Time


Kinley or Aquafina were expensive affairs while travelling during 90’s. I could remember both young and adult travellers hanging a Milton bottle on their shoulder and filling those with mineral water in hotels, restaurants and sightseeing spots. Sigh!

Purchasing Train Tickets by Standing in a Queue

This was a fashion of holidaying during 90s. Early morning, railway counter, long.. very long queues.. and it proved you are about to travel. After all, the term mobile application was not born!

Contacting Home from the Holiday Destination’s PCO Booth


A PCO booth and the traveller was like Ahhh, I am relieved! Forget WhatsApp and SMS, having a mobile phone during 90’s was an expensive affair and status symbol.

Carrying a Walkman Along with an Earpiece


iPod or downloading music are just trends of 21st century. A traveller of 90’s made sure he carried a walkman and cassettes along to listen to Hindi, English or regional hits during his trip.

Hiring Mostly a Maruti Omni, Gypsy or Mini Bus for Sightseeing


A big family and a 8-seater Maruti Omni, Gypsy or Mini Bus was ready to take them for sightseeing. While, a 5-seater Omni would do for a small family. Now, it is all about Duster and Eco Sport! Grrrrr!

Hunting for a Hotel after Arriving at the Destination


Hopping around to find a good hotel in best deal was a trend amongst a 90’s traveller. As there was no or less scope for promo codes and online discounts, every traveller made sure they have the best bargaining skills.

Playing Cards with Friends or Co-passengers in Train to Kill Time


As travelling occupied a major period of the trip and availing flights was like distant dream, playing cards seemed to be the best time pass during the journey. Also, making temporary friends with co-passengers and talking crap was another hilarious task. Grrr!

Having a Box Filled with Coins and Currencies


Most travellers from 90’s ensured bringing back coins and currencies from every country they visit. May be now those currencies are only antiques in living rooms, as present generation prefers a Gucci watch or Da Milano bag at cheaper rates.

I think I have done almost all of these, and want to do these again. Do you want to go back to the 90’s with me and experience an old age travel? Then ditch the techy way of holidaying and come along!

(Photo Credits | Youtube.com & Giphy.com)


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