10 Types of Passengers You Always Find in Indian Trains!

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Taking a train journey is no less than a Bollywood movie that has almost all the required features-entertainment, comedy, drama and sometimes action too. There are times while on the wheels that we spot a variety of characters who either make the travel comfortable or more often than not, troublesome. We all must have seen and witnessed them around, but it’s hard to tell the story. Let us recall those times and take you on the track again with this list that shows the types of passengers we all have come across during our train travel.

1. The Stalker: Most passengers, specially females would have come across one such stalker who has an eye on almost every action of yours. If they aren’t stalking a girl, you can find them digging their nose in somebody else’s mobile phone and books.


2. The Irritating Kid: There is this one kid who would come to you and ask for your mobile phone because he wants to play games on it. And if you dare to say no, he/she will cry like you have beaten them.

3. The Talkative Aunty: Your journey is incomplete unless and until you see an aunty who is constantly talking to every one around. Once she is free from interviewing them, she will get busy on her phone again, yapping. Oh so annoying!


4. The Bhajan Mandli: These kind of people call them the daily passengers and their journey is incomplete without singing a few bhajans. They will force you to join them and clap along the beat. Like really!


5. The News Anchor Uncle: While you are normally discussing something with a co-passenger, an uncle will jump in like a boss and change the whole topic of the conversation. Mind it, he is no less than the news anchor who says, ‘The nation wants to know.’

6. The Over Luggage Carrier: These kind of travellers are the ones who think they are actually going to Mars, thus take their house with them. The load of their bags even makes the coolie run away from them. If they sit around you, you’ll see more bags than humans.


7. The Flirting Guy/Girl: No matter how hard you try to avoid these creatures, there will always be one guy/girl who will make the best efforts to flirt with you. They are always eager to know you and will follow you till your destination.


8. The Gyaani Baba: Irrespective of the range of topics, there is one gyaani baba on the train who claims to know everything. He will never stop to interrupt every discussion with his expert comments until you agree with him. As if there aren’t enough gyaanis back home!

9. The Foodie: From paranthas to chips, gajar ka halwa to a variety of pickles, you’ll find everything edible in their travel bags. You name it, they have it. While this is still fine, the smell that floats across the closed compartment every 10 minutes they pull out something to eat is just too much!


10. The PDA Couples: Well, you just cannot miss them on any train journey. Their koochi-koos and “do you need anything baby?” sessions are endless and why not. A train journey is supposed to be a romantic affair, eh!


Love them or hate them, you just cannot have enough of these. Well, I have had various such experiences, how about you? Do share some of the funniest co-passengers you have come across in your train journey!

(Photo Credits: YouTube.com & Giphy.com)


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