Weird Things that Make Your Vacation an Affair to Remember

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A good travel expedition is usually the result of something that has gone (terribly) wrong.“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”- Mark Twain

The “Huh oh” moments revolving around those local bill boards, Dhaba menu cards and many such weird things can make you chuckle, but you instantly know that these will make an excellent story for years to come!

Is that a Shower?

weird things
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There are times when I enter the bathroom of a funky hotel and Woah! The mysterious technological shower awaits! I have no clue how to make this thing work. Believe me, I have actually been like “eh? What the hell odour will not kill anyone. Deodrant for today maybe”. If you are a OCD, travel will surely make you more laid back and appreciate times when things are not perfect or planned.

The Thai Massage or Torture Satan?

weird things
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Would you like a massage mister?!” It can destroy your dreams if an old lady comes up and says “ I think you need the full two hour”. The voice in my head mumbles Nooo! Just the one please (teeth screeching in terror). Beware on who you put your trust in. A relaxation massage turned into a Karate match against an old Thai lady. Who is going to be the winner?

Chased Down by Some Stalker (or Maybe a Cow!)

Weird Things
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This one time on a trip to Varanasi I saw cows pop out of nowhere. There you are, sitting quietly in an auto with 5 folks and loving the streets and Bam! MOOOO! There she is with her entire mouth munching right at my face and her eyes staring at mine! I was scared to death I swear she could smell me 😛

Cows and I share the same MOO chemistry till today.

Funny Outrageous Pictures!

Weird things

Everyone while travelling clicks dozens of such quirky, bizarre, outrageous, funny, absurd, ridiculous, truly off the chart moments.

I will let the picture do the talking. They are sure to bring a chuckle when you relive them.

I am Bear Grylls Adventure!

There comes a time when a man sitting at a boring desk job has a moment of enlightenment, a sudden calling “Maybe i Should Trek To the hills via the forest like that dude on National Geographic. The next thing you know you are thirsty, sweaty and covered in insects, reptiles wondering ‘Damn you bear grills! You make it look like treat!’. Those near to death moments will give you the chills years later.

Culinary Experiments!

weird things
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Local food or delicacies are most sought after things while on a trip. In a similar event of trying the local cuisine, a friend of mine learnt how to eat a rat! You read it correct ‘A Rat’! These bizarre ‘Huh, is that food?’ moments will bring lots of laughter, and bag full of ‘wow! that happened to me one time’ experiences in your travel kitty.

Take Back a Souvenir!

Weird things
Photo Credit: Ujjal Deb Roy

On every little venture of mine I try and bring something back ranging from antiques to scarves/hats to local treats. The time when you see a funky cigarette holder and think, huh, maybe I should smoke (kidding) so I have this uber cool piece.

The take-away from every place, even the smallest pendents or hats I get from a trip take me down the memory lane.

All these remind me what joy it is to travel! How much happiness it brings to me and maybe why I should plan something really soon.


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