Top 7 Perks of Dating a Die-Hard Traveller!

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Travelling is one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences that changes a person’s life. It is an exercise that makes you an artist, a creative thinker and above all a better human being. A person who travels a lot is totally different from others, and that can only be realized when you spend time with a travel buff. Dating a travel buff is no less than an awesome experience and the perks you’ll enjoy in return are priceless.

Photo Credit: Aditi Bhardwaj

If you have not yet felt this life changing miracle, let us tell you the ways. And if you are doing it already; then you’ll be able to relate well. Don’t forget to give us a high five later. Here are the top perks you can enjoy if you date a die-hard traveller.

1They Will Become your Travel Google: Know about the top places for sightseeing, vacations and destinations for your next trip as they have all the information that you need.

Travel Google

2. They Make the Best Travel buddies: A trip with a travel buff gives you a wonderful experience of exploring and enjoying the destination to the most. They are perfect travel partners and you’ll enjoy a lot in their company.

Go for an exciting road trip with your travel partner. | Photo Credit:

3. They’ll Get You Gifts from Different Places: Imagine your home filled with unique lamps, art works and paintings from different corners of the world. This will happen when your traveller guy/girl goes to a new place and brings something as a token of remembrance.

Photo Credit:

4They are Always Ready to Travel: Even if your friends ditch at the last moment of your trip, your man/woman will always be there for you. You can always keep them for a back-up for your quick getaway and they’ll join wholeheartedly. Whether it’s a last minute plan or a pre-planned holiday, they will always be in.

Photo Credit: A still from the movie Tamasha.

5They Love Trying New Things: Whether it’s about trying a new cuisine or going to a new destination, they will support you happily. You won’t have to think much before asking them to do something different. So, how about tasting Sushi in Japan or Feni in Goa with the man/woman of your life?

Trying fish pedicure together for the first time. | Photo Credit: Nidhi & Gaurav.

6They are Amazing Entertainers: There won’t be a single dull moment in your relationship as they will always have something to tell you. Conversations with them will help you to learn new things and know more about them. You will have your own personal entertainer, yes free of cost! LOL.

Singing and playing guitar, isn’t that a wonderful source of entertainment! | Photo Credit:

7They’ll Never Judge You: The best thing about dating a travel buff is that they don’t judge. They’ll accept you for what you are. You will get the freedom of doing anything and you can always open up your heart to them.

Photo Credit: Sahil & Tamanna

So, if you are enjoying the perks, you are the luckiest and if not, then you need to find one traveller guy/girl soon.


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