10 Silliest Work Excuses for a Holiday that will Make Your Boss ‘Think’

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The sleepy groggy eyes suffer from energy deficiency every Monday morning. Uff! The week is back and your boss is fully charged up. However, you feel that you simply need, or rather deserve to forsake the desktop and get your self-batteries recharged. The boss might chuckle over leave approval, but smart ones like you will surely find a tricky or more often than not, a silly work excuse that will rarely be turned down. While you will enjoy a vacation, he might think ‘Whatttt?’, ‘How Come’? Really?

Statutory Warning: Meant only for bosses with a good sense of humour. Don’t blame us if your ‘planned’ or ‘unplanned’ leaves do not get approved.

Guess I can play safe for 3-4 days and return back from a short and sweet trip.

work excuses


After all, painful injections and regular check-ups always get their way. Isn’t it?

work excuses


Sir, I can’t travel with a vomiting tendency.. Shhh! Am off for a vacation to the beaches.

work excuses


Grrrr! I am planning (JUST) a 3 day bachelor party.

work excuses


A brilliant excuse to take an off from attending your boss’s boring meetings. Haha!

work excuses


Whoa! Let me keep my boss in a state of awe!

work excuses


Oh, I guess its again time for my fake surgery excuse!

work excuses


You must be thinking, What? However, try this out.

work excuses


No one can dare to question if I play with this crazy excuse. Woo-hoo!

work excuses


Ah! This is a great idea. Now I can travel for a week tension-free.

work excuses

So folks, you think we have missed out something funnier/sillier than these? Try one of these if you’ve run out of the old ones. Do not forget to share the expressions of your boss with us! 😀

(With inputs from Debatree Saha)


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