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goNews: Underground Corridor of Bangalore Metro Starts Operation from Friday, April 29

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Traffic gridlock in Bangalore is expected to get curbed to some extent as underground section of Bangalore metro rail was inaugurated on Friday, 29th April, 2016. After a long-term speculation over commencement of the underground section of the East-West corridor, Bangalore Metro, also known as Namma Metro, finally celebrated its inaugural function last Friday evening. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Legislative Building, Vidhan Soudha. Union Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah were present for the function. First commercial run of the metro was held on April 30, Saturday at 06:00 am, when enthusiastic travellers gathered at the stations and clicked selfies with the new colourful trains while taking their first ride.

Bangalore Metro
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Out of the 42km stretch, this 5km stretch is an underground corridor, as it passes through important and recognisable parts of the city. Vidhan Soudha, a major landmark, got a station of its own to cater to thousands of people who come there for work. With this new underground corridor, Bangalore’s east and west will now have a direct link from Nayandahalli to Baiyappanahalli. The underground network covers important locations of the city like Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, Sir M Visvesvaraya, Kempe Gowda and City stations. The entire East-West Corridor, named ‘Purple Line’ covers a distance of 18 km with 17 stations. There will be 10-minutes gap between each train. First and last train will run at 6am and 11pm respectively.

Bangalore Metro
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Five underground stations on the line promise to give a completely new experience to commuters. They will be able to avail facilities like escalators, air-conditioning, and WiFi soon. The present 45,000 daily metro rider-ship is expected to increase with the launch of this new corridor. Total trip duration will be around 33 minutes. The entire trip is priced at Rs. 40. After missing several deadlines and originally set to go commercial from November 2015, underground corridor of Bangalore Metro finally commenced its operation from April 2016.

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During the inauguration ceremony, Karnataka Chief Minister had put pressure on Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. to finish the work of entire phase 1 network of 42 km by November 1, and also to start operations of the same on Karnataka Rajyotsava.

All the best Bengalureans!

goNews: Noida Gets its First Sci-fi Themed Snow Park, Ski India

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Noida has brought forth a sci-fi themed snow park named Ski India, in its newly opened DLF Mall of India. This theme park is expected to be this year’s most frequented summer destination among NCR people. Equipped with fabulous technology and designed to provide snow and ice in this otherwise sweltering heat, people living in and around Noida can now be found in the snow park anytime. Irrespective of weekends or weekdays, the snow park is expected to remain crowded with kids and families. It is open 365 days a year and has options of skating, skiing, sleighing and tobogganing.

Snow Park
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Spread over two floors and an area as large as 100,000+ sq.ft, temperature inside Ski India is minus 15 degrees and one will have snow up to their calves and icicles above their head. Every activity here, starting from making snow angles to whipping snow balls, passing through snow caves and holding breathe after sliding down huge slopes of snow, is full of fun.

Snow Park
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As per the manual, visitors will be provided with heavy jackets, cool looking boots and gloves. However, it is always good to wear full clothes to protect knees from getting frozen. Get clear instructions from the personnel about slippery floors and the inside temperature. A bunch of activities can be tried here at a price of Rs. 1,200 per person for around two hours. Guests are advised to sit back for sometime, get accustomed to the freezing temperature and take the games slowly. Otherwise, one might suffer from breathlessness or headache.

Such an entertainment zone is actually unbelievable in a hot dry city like Delhi.

Glance Quickly through These Facts:

Where: L05, 06 DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Nearest Metro Station: Noida Sector 18

Price: Rs. 1,200 per person

Open: All days

goNews: NHAI Launches Cashless Travel Facility on Toll Plazas

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National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has recently rolled out FASTag, a cashless payment mechanism on toll plazas of national highways. FASTag leads to non-stop vehicular movement through toll plazas along with the convenience of cashless payments of toll fee with the help of nationwide inter operable Electronic Toll Collection Services. It was officially introduced at a toll plaza of National Highway 8 at CTM, Ahmedabad. At present, the system is operational on nearly 275 toll plazas of various national highways across India.

National Highway 8 | Photo Credit:

Use of this new mechanism FASTag will not only increase user convenience for payments without halts at toll plazas, but also will save a lot of time, fuel and money. To one’s knowledge, FASTag will have a one time fee of Rs. 200, and will be affixed on the wind screen of vehicles. FASTag employs RFID technology, which enables toll payments to be made directly from pre-paid accounts linked to it. Introduction of this online payment system is expected to boost transparency of toll transactions and curb revenue leakages.

Durgapur Expressway | Photo Credit:

FASTag will be on sale from specific toll plazas on National Highways along with designated branches of participating banks from this month itself. A vehicle using this facility can pass through a FASTag lane to avail cashless travel.

15 Things Every 90’s Traveller Would Have Done

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90’s was a period to be cherished forever. From Hollywood hits to epic romantic Bollywood numbers, from the adventurous and mysterious series of Harry Potter to Enid Blyton’s English children’s stories, 90’s rewarded us with heaps of amazing things. A age devoid of WiFi, 4G and mobile based travel applications, travel during 90’s seemed to be a tedious job for many. However, there are millions who believe that some unique, rather exceptional features of 90’s travel now make them sigh. Forget if it was easier or harder, better or worse, confusing or carefree, let us revisit the golden era of holidaying and if possible, turn those crazy acts and nostalgic moments into reality. Here are some stuff every traveller from 90’s have done:

Carrying a Suitcase without Wheels


Those big heavy vintage looking suitcases with small handles must have given back pain and arthritis, but carrying them along with piles of clothes stuffed inside was way fashionable than pulling a classy trolley with ease today.

Keeping a Track of Travel Expenses in a Notepad


A pen and paper pad was enough to note down every single penny spent on travel. Who cared about maintaining an excel sheet and calculating expenses in their laptops’s calculator?

Travelling with a Road Map or Compass


I doubt if GPS or Google map was discovered then! With basic knowledge of geography, carrying a map and compass along was a common feature that every traveller of 90’s shared.

Locking Every Suitcase with Mini Locks and Steel Chains


Bags packed for train travel was accompanied by small locks and steel chains. Locking suitcases with a handle below the seat a common sight during train travel. Wait! Story does not end here! 90’s travellers even used to seal their bags with lock and key during flight travel. ‘Security check’ was just a term that time!

Carrying Home-made Food


A separate food baggage was a must, especially during train journey. Irrespective of the hours of train journey, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner was cooked at home and packed separately. And international travel? Laddoo, khakra and dhokla travelled free of cost. Cup noodles were beyond imagination. Haha!

Ladies Secretly Putting a Mini Pouch with Cash in Bosom


One of the creative creative ways to hide cash in the past. May be a Fastrack pouch was yet to be discovered! LOL!

Purchasing Typical Gifts Like Key Chains Made of Sea-shells or Woollen Cardigans


miniature gift

Beaches meant key chains and ornaments made of sea shells, hills meant woollen sweaters and historical sites meant miniature versions of Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower. And all friends and cousins were satisfied! Ahh!

Roaming with Milton Water Bottle All the Time


Kinley or Aquafina were expensive affairs while travelling during 90’s. I could remember both young and adult travellers hanging a Milton bottle on their shoulder and filling those with mineral water in hotels, restaurants and sightseeing spots. Sigh!

Purchasing Train Tickets by Standing in a Queue

This was a fashion of holidaying during 90s. Early morning, railway counter, long.. very long queues.. and it proved you are about to travel. After all, the term mobile application was not born!

Contacting Home from the Holiday Destination’s PCO Booth


A PCO booth and the traveller was like Ahhh, I am relieved! Forget WhatsApp and SMS, having a mobile phone during 90’s was an expensive affair and status symbol.

Carrying a Walkman Along with an Earpiece


iPod or downloading music are just trends of 21st century. A traveller of 90’s made sure he carried a walkman and cassettes along to listen to Hindi, English or regional hits during his trip.

Hiring Mostly a Maruti Omni, Gypsy or Mini Bus for Sightseeing


A big family and a 8-seater Maruti Omni, Gypsy or Mini Bus was ready to take them for sightseeing. While, a 5-seater Omni would do for a small family. Now, it is all about Duster and Eco Sport! Grrrrr!

Hunting for a Hotel after Arriving at the Destination


Hopping around to find a good hotel in best deal was a trend amongst a 90’s traveller. As there was no or less scope for promo codes and online discounts, every traveller made sure they have the best bargaining skills.

Playing Cards with Friends or Co-passengers in Train to Kill Time


As travelling occupied a major period of the trip and availing flights was like distant dream, playing cards seemed to be the best time pass during the journey. Also, making temporary friends with co-passengers and talking crap was another hilarious task. Grrr!

Having a Box Filled with Coins and Currencies


Most travellers from 90’s ensured bringing back coins and currencies from every country they visit. May be now those currencies are only antiques in living rooms, as present generation prefers a Gucci watch or Da Milano bag at cheaper rates.

I think I have done almost all of these, and want to do these again. Do you want to go back to the 90’s with me and experience an old age travel? Then ditch the techy way of holidaying and come along!

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10 Types of Passengers You Always Find in Indian Trains!

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Taking a train journey is no less than a Bollywood movie that has almost all the required features-entertainment, comedy, drama and sometimes action too. There are times while on the wheels that we spot a variety of characters who either make the travel comfortable or more often than not, troublesome. We all must have seen and witnessed them around, but it’s hard to tell the story. Let us recall those times and take you on the track again with this list that shows the types of passengers we all have come across during our train travel.

1. The Stalker: Most passengers, specially females would have come across one such stalker who has an eye on almost every action of yours. If they aren’t stalking a girl, you can find them digging their nose in somebody else’s mobile phone and books.


2. The Irritating Kid: There is this one kid who would come to you and ask for your mobile phone because he wants to play games on it. And if you dare to say no, he/she will cry like you have beaten them.

3. The Talkative Aunty: Your journey is incomplete unless and until you see an aunty who is constantly talking to every one around. Once she is free from interviewing them, she will get busy on her phone again, yapping. Oh so annoying!


4. The Bhajan Mandli: These kind of people call them the daily passengers and their journey is incomplete without singing a few bhajans. They will force you to join them and clap along the beat. Like really!


5. The News Anchor Uncle: While you are normally discussing something with a co-passenger, an uncle will jump in like a boss and change the whole topic of the conversation. Mind it, he is no less than the news anchor who says, ‘The nation wants to know.’

6. The Over Luggage Carrier: These kind of travellers are the ones who think they are actually going to Mars, thus take their house with them. The load of their bags even makes the coolie run away from them. If they sit around you, you’ll see more bags than humans.


7. The Flirting Guy/Girl: No matter how hard you try to avoid these creatures, there will always be one guy/girl who will make the best efforts to flirt with you. They are always eager to know you and will follow you till your destination.


8. The Gyaani Baba: Irrespective of the range of topics, there is one gyaani baba on the train who claims to know everything. He will never stop to interrupt every discussion with his expert comments until you agree with him. As if there aren’t enough gyaanis back home!

9. The Foodie: From paranthas to chips, gajar ka halwa to a variety of pickles, you’ll find everything edible in their travel bags. You name it, they have it. While this is still fine, the smell that floats across the closed compartment every 10 minutes they pull out something to eat is just too much!


10. The PDA Couples: Well, you just cannot miss them on any train journey. Their koochi-koos and “do you need anything baby?” sessions are endless and why not. A train journey is supposed to be a romantic affair, eh!


Love them or hate them, you just cannot have enough of these. Well, I have had various such experiences, how about you? Do share some of the funniest co-passengers you have come across in your train journey!

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goNews: India’s First Underwater Bullet Train to Run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

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India’s first bullet train that is proposed between the cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad, is expected to pass through a long 21km sea tunnel. Though most part of the 508km long corridor will be on an elevated track, the stretch after Thane creek towards Virar will pass through a tunnel built under the sea. This distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is expected to be covered within two hours as the train will run at an estimated maximum speed of 350 km per hour.

Bullet Train
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The ambitious and first-of-its-kind project in India is likely to cost a whopping Rs 97,636 crore. This includes possible cost escalation, interest during construction as well as import duties. Alignment of the corridor is almost finalized and around 81% of the funding will come from Japan. Early this week, railways has informed National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited to go head with this much awaited project. A study supporting the Bullet Train Project stated that the train should provide 100 trips a day to cater to as much as 43 million residents of the country.

Bullet Train
Image for Representational Purpose Only | Photo Credit:

At the same time, Ministry of Railways has proposed a tariff for the upcoming bullet train. The bullet train fare is said to be 1.5 times more than the current first class AC fare of express trains. For example, at present, First Class travel by Duronto Express between Mumbai and Ahmedabad costs Rs.2,200. The same distance via dedicated high-speed corridor covered by the bullet train will cost around Rs. 3,300. In Japan, a similar bullet train ride between Tokyo and Osaka measuring a distance of 550 km costs Rs.8,500.

Countries like Japan and China already have express trains that run under water. Now, incorporation of such a means of transport in India will definitely bring pride to the nation and make inter-state travel hassle free.

goNews: Vistara to Introduce Daily Direct Chandigarh-Delhi Flights from May

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Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture Vistara announced the commencement of flight operations to Chandigarh from Delhi and Hyderabad from next month onwards. Service of the daily direct return flights to Chandigarh will resume from May 2, 2016. With the addition of direct flights to Chandigarh, Vistara also announced its operations in other destinations across North India like Jammu, Srinagar, Lucknow and Varanasi.

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According to the airline, with the introduction of new cities, total number of weekly flights offered by Vistara will also increase to somewhere around 400. Not only this, the airline’s expansion continues with the introduction of daily direct flights Mumbai-Kochi flights from this month.

Vistara has also opened its signature lounge at the Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Also, once this phase of growth is successfully completed, the airline will cover 16 destinations across the country with its fleet of three-class Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets for the new route are already on sale. Plan your trip and book as soon as possible to get the best deals and lowest fares.

goNews: Delhi to Have Driverless Metro Trains by This Year End

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Equipped with advanced features and latest techniques, Delhi is going to introduce driverless metro trains that will run on sections of the Phase-III network. This new slot of trains are expected to be operational by next year end. According to a statement by DMRC, 20 such trains will be manufactured in South Korea’s Changwan by the end of 2016, while the remaining set of around 61 trains are being manufactured at Bengaluru’s Bharat Earth Movers plant.

Metro trains
Delhi Metro | Photo Credit:

DMRC stated that these trains will run on over 58 km-long Majlish Park-Shiv Vihar and over 38 km-long Janakpuri (West) – Botanical Garden (Line 8) corridors of the Phase-III project. These eco-friendly trains are equipped with additional features for the comfort of passengers and are designed to run at a speed of maximum 95 kmph and operational speed of 85 kmph. The coaches will come with latest facilities like digitial route maps, LCD screens with videos, graphics, live-streaming and WiFi. Train operators will not be required to run these trains and Operations Control Centres (OCC) of the Delhi Metro system will regulate their operation.

Though these new set of metro trains will be operated by drivers for a year, once DMRC declares these safe, their full fledged driverless operation will be introduced in the capital for a smoother and comfortable journey across.

Top 10 European Cities You Must Visit with Kids during Summer Vacation

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From the world’s oldest zoo to colourful fairy tale castles, from kid-friendly meals to family hotels, the European continent is flooded with attractions and amenities perfect for teenagers and tiny toes. Gone are those days when holidaying abroad with children was frowned upon. So, as schools are to shut down for summer vacation and kids will be free from daily homework, we thought of mapping some European cities where you can take your little ones for a vacation of a lifetime.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Summer Vacation
NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam | Photo Credit:

Here paddle boats and bike paths galore, here photo ops and child meals flow; and here whatever you do is more than fun. Here, children take a bicycle ride or you can take them for a canal boat tour- after all, that is ‘the’ way to go in Amsterdam! With French fires and pancakes available in plenty, your child can have the most entertaining food trail ever.

Must Visits: NEMO Science Museum, Anne Frank Museum, Tropen Museum and Vondelpark.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Summer Vacation
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen | Photo Credit:

A brilliant city with waterfront houses, turreted castles from fairy tales, colourful soaring towers, fun parks, green spaces, lakes with pagodas and a constellation of indoor attractions, Copenhagen is a paradise for young ones. For the convenience of kids, it has reserved places for prams and pushchairs on trains and buses. Also, what more you want when restaurants have children menu and hot dogs and sausages are available in plenty?

Must Visits: The gorgeously lit and the city’s crown jewel, Tivoli Gardens; Bakken, world’s oldest amusement park; Botanical Garden; Children’s Museum of Art at National Gallery of Denmark; Experimentarium; National Aquarium Denmark and Copenhagen Zoo.

London, England

Summer Vacation
London Eye, Londin | Photo Credit:

Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Marry Poppins, where else can you find these remarkable classic childhood characters, if not in London? Said to be their birthplace, London with its widespread colourful castles and children friendly parks, is a sheer thrill to children of all ages. Children’s free entry to museums and discounted fares in public transportation are bonus for mums and dads.

Must Visits: Tower of London, Kidzania, Natural History Museum, British Museum, the historical Buckingham Palace; London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel and Hyde Park.

Lisbon, Portugal

Summer Vacation
Hills Tramcar Tour, Lisbon | Photo Credit:

Loaded with adventure, a visit to Lisbon is incomplete without a Hills Tramcar Tour across the city. Let your child sink in fun as you all sit back on a Hippotrip run by an amphibious custom-built vehicle. Apart from an entertaining ride across the city, Lisbon’s beaches turn more happening on summer holidays as parents start flocking the sand and sea with little ones. Speckled with a range of welcoming hotels and restaurants, Lisbon is ‘the’ place to be during the upcoming summer holidays.

Must Visits: Telecabine Lisboa, Castelo de São Jorge, Museu da Marioneta

Berlin, Germany

Summer Vacation
Berlin Zoo, Berlin | Photo Credit:

Famed as ‘Europe’s most family friendly city’, Berlin’s wooden bridges, green playgrounds, thrilling boat trips and unique festivals let kids fall in love with the city. Crafted since historic times, Berlin is no doubt an entertaining knowledge bank for children and teenagers too. Exclusive guided bike and cycle tours across Berlin are also available for them. What makes you wait then?

Must Visits: Berlin Zoo, Germany’s oldest zoo; LegoLand, AquaDome, Kollwitz Platz and several pop-up museums.

Rome, Italy

Trevi fountain Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome | Photo Credit:

Where pizza is the food of choice, where history baffles around battles and gladiators, where literature revolves around Caesar and Antonio, there emerges a natural wonderland for young minds. Fill in your water bottles from Rome’s fountains, carry a hat along and have a wonderful vacation with your child amidst the Roman ruins.

Must Visits: The iconic landmark, Colosseum; The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Castel Sant’Angelo, Borghese Gardens, Said Vintage Chocolate Factory.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Perlan, Reykjavík
Perlan, Reykjavík | Photo Credit:

Heard of a city where babies are left safe in their buggies while parents go shopping tension free? Know a place where hot thermal springs are connected with specific children’s pool? Reykjavik it is! From climbing to the top of Mount Esja and swimming in the blue lagoon to whale watching and making friends with wildlife at Tjornin Lake, Reykjavik is flooded with family friendly activities. Here comes your one-stop destination to visit with kids this summer!

Must Visits: Perlan, Tivoli restaurant, Reykjavik Zoo.

Paris, France

Summer Vacation
Disneyland, Paris | Photo Credit: Abhishek Sharma

Sailboat races, street performers, carousel rides and delicious treats, Paris is a heartthrob for the school going guy. Here statues, parks, galleries and museums galore to make it a must go family destination. Cool summer breeze and blowing flowers give your vacation in Paris the much needed touch of refreshment.

Must Visits: Disneyland, Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, Natural History Museum, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral.

Barcelona, Spain

Summer Vacation
Chocolate Museum, Barcelona | Photo Credit:

Enamoured by all-pervading kid friendly culture, Barcelona pleads to be discovered by adults and kids alike. The colourful streets where street performers juggle swords and swallow fires are visual treats for little ones. The city is breathtaking and its parks lined with curving walls and endless mosaics leave a prominent footprint in a summer vacation expedition.

Must Visits: Museum of Chocolate; Tibidabo, an amusement park that hosts an old fashioned Ferris wheel; Mirador de Colom and La Rambla street.

Geneva, Switzerland

summer vacation
Geneva Lake, Switzerland | Photo Credit:

Tucked between mountain peaks and crystal lakes, Geneva is a city for all seasons and all age groups. With temperature soaring across India, a trip to snow-clad pleasant Geneva can make this summer vacation a breathtaking one. Boat ride on Geneva Lake, ride on cogwheel railway, exploring castles and trailing along the Alps are some of those promising reasons for you to plan a summer trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

Must Visits: Aquaparc, Botanical Gardens, Geneva Lake and Jet d’Eau, world’s tallest fountain.

Forget the homework for some days, pick a destination you like, plan a trip and pack your bags. Let us welcome the much awaited summer vacation in the most thrilling way!

Weird Things that Make Your Vacation an Affair to Remember

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A good travel expedition is usually the result of something that has gone (terribly) wrong.“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”- Mark Twain

The “Huh oh” moments revolving around those local bill boards, Dhaba menu cards and many such weird things can make you chuckle, but you instantly know that these will make an excellent story for years to come!

Is that a Shower?

weird things
Photo Credit:

There are times when I enter the bathroom of a funky hotel and Woah! The mysterious technological shower awaits! I have no clue how to make this thing work. Believe me, I have actually been like “eh? What the hell odour will not kill anyone. Deodrant for today maybe”. If you are a OCD, travel will surely make you more laid back and appreciate times when things are not perfect or planned.

The Thai Massage or Torture Satan?

weird things
Photo Credit:

Would you like a massage mister?!” It can destroy your dreams if an old lady comes up and says “ I think you need the full two hour”. The voice in my head mumbles Nooo! Just the one please (teeth screeching in terror). Beware on who you put your trust in. A relaxation massage turned into a Karate match against an old Thai lady. Who is going to be the winner?

Chased Down by Some Stalker (or Maybe a Cow!)

Weird Things
Photo Credit:

This one time on a trip to Varanasi I saw cows pop out of nowhere. There you are, sitting quietly in an auto with 5 folks and loving the streets and Bam! MOOOO! There she is with her entire mouth munching right at my face and her eyes staring at mine! I was scared to death I swear she could smell me 😛

Cows and I share the same MOO chemistry till today.

Funny Outrageous Pictures!

Weird things

Everyone while travelling clicks dozens of such quirky, bizarre, outrageous, funny, absurd, ridiculous, truly off the chart moments.

I will let the picture do the talking. They are sure to bring a chuckle when you relive them.

I am Bear Grylls Adventure!

There comes a time when a man sitting at a boring desk job has a moment of enlightenment, a sudden calling “Maybe i Should Trek To the hills via the forest like that dude on National Geographic. The next thing you know you are thirsty, sweaty and covered in insects, reptiles wondering ‘Damn you bear grills! You make it look like treat!’. Those near to death moments will give you the chills years later.

Culinary Experiments!

weird things
Photo Credit:

Local food or delicacies are most sought after things while on a trip. In a similar event of trying the local cuisine, a friend of mine learnt how to eat a rat! You read it correct ‘A Rat’! These bizarre ‘Huh, is that food?’ moments will bring lots of laughter, and bag full of ‘wow! that happened to me one time’ experiences in your travel kitty.

Take Back a Souvenir!

Weird things
Photo Credit: Ujjal Deb Roy

On every little venture of mine I try and bring something back ranging from antiques to scarves/hats to local treats. The time when you see a funky cigarette holder and think, huh, maybe I should smoke (kidding) so I have this uber cool piece.

The take-away from every place, even the smallest pendents or hats I get from a trip take me down the memory lane.

All these remind me what joy it is to travel! How much happiness it brings to me and maybe why I should plan something really soon.

This Is What Your Choice of Vacation Says About Your Personality Type!

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According to a report by the researchers of the University of Virginia, an individual’s choice of vacation depends on his mindset, perception and attitude towards life. So, if you are wondering why you end up taking holidays to specific places every single time (in my case I always, ALWAYS, choose a place that has beaches), here’s the answer. Read and know what is your personality type.

Personality Type
Divided by Personality, United by Travel. | Photo Credit: Aditi Bhardwaj

1. Mountain Lovers = Introvert: Do you always dream of relaxing and unwinding in the mountains? Well, the study says that people who fall in love with the serenity of the mountains, are introverts. Though the trekkers and mountaineers are considered to be creative folks, they are more often than not shy by nature. Goibibo recommends you to explore the beauty of Manali, Kasol, Ladakh and McLeodganj this summer vacation.

Personality Type
The breathtaking mountains of Ladakh. | Photo Credit: Piyush Sharma

2. Architecture Lovers = Arty and Intellectual: Does your itinerary has more of museums, historical sites, palaces and memorial places than anything else? Then, according to the research, you definitely have an intellectual personality. So why not explore Golkonda Fort, Mysore Palace and Salar Jung Museum  this summer vacation!

Personality Type
The artistic beauty of a historical monument. | Photo Credit:

3. Beach Lovers = Influential People: If you hit a beach on almost every vacation of yours, then the research define you an influential person. The study reveals that people who love walking and taking strolls on the pristine and sandy beaches usually have an influential personality. Why don’t you go and take a beach vacation to Andaman Nicobar, Maldives or Gokarna to beat the heat this summer?

Personality Type
The alluring beach of Maldives. | Photo Credit:

4. Cruise Lovers = Extrovert: The luxury cruise rides are not everybody’s cup of tea. But those who take up cruise vacations are definitely extroverts. Meeting new people, having fun and making the most of the holiday are the signs of people who fall in this category. Mexico, Fort Lauderdale, Amsterdam and New York, where are you cruising this summer?

Personality Type
A cruise sailing on the blue ocean. | Photo Credit:

5. Hippie Travel Lovers = Trendsetter: Travellers who always look out for a popular movie location, love exploring the local places and do quirky things are nicknamed Hipsters. The Argentinian researchers say that these travellers are trendsetters and visit the hidden and unexplored destinations of the world. Goibibo recommends you to explore Amazon Rainforest, Gangkhar Puensum and Pelling.

Personality Type
A walk into the serenity of nature. | Photo Credit: Aditi Bhardwaj

Now, the next time you are planning your vacation, make a note and give yourself a new traveller identity, may be!