Take a Sabbatical and Travel Around the World

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Attention workaholics! It is time you all say ‘hello’ to sabbatical (a specified time away from work, usually unpaid).

Do you ever count the hours you put to business weekly? Do you ever count the times you attend a business meeting? I guess you don’t. Aww! It is next to impossible. Anyway, are you one of those who wishes to break all barriers, skip daily job routine and head for a holiday? If so, then stop thinking and apply for a sabbatical. All you need to do is, convince your boss and get him some goodies while you return. And you are set for an ‘out of the world’ break, a break that will make you travel around the world, explore the colourful landscape, appreciate the artificial marvels, taste local cuisines and bring you back with a bag of new experiences. Be it months or year, a sabbatical can do wonders. Here is why:

Break the 9-5 Job Routine

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You spend the entire week coding or publishing news? When you are bogged down, your mind just needs to wander. Stop dragging and take a break. Only a sabbatical can help you come out from the clumsy work-stuffed world and give a chance to breathe the fresh air, walk through wet grass or wake up to the sunrise over mountains. A new life awaits for you dearie!


Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/originalnames/2867912602/

A sabbatical is the best medicine for a stressed out mind. Not only does your body and mind get the rest it needs, but also you become more enthusiastic, refreshed and rejuvenated. The joy of travelling and the ‘partial break-up’ with official mails help meditate, relax and get boost up with positive energies of the world.

Find Your Passion

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/62423300@N05/6171501623/

The busy office schedule might not permit to find your passion, but travel does. Give it a try, sit under the open sky, look around the landscape and think what you love, what you are born for. Who knows that you might return back only to discover that your only passion is travel?

Fall in Love with Yourself

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/89362689@N08/8130189094/in/

It is you who should love yourself the most and rest of the world will follow. Time off, break from work, a long holiday, adventure games, new people and different culture.. everything make you happy. And at the end you will love yourself all the more, because it is only about ‘me time’. Not bad right?

You Get More Creative

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12782943@N02/16456007166/

A fresh mind brings new ideas and improves creativity. But this is possible only when you take a break from job and head for a long pending vacation. New place, new people and new culture are instigators to your creative trait.

Make New Friends

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/captainclokey/4648508800/

Life is short and better not stay alone. You might have a bunch of friends in office and neighbourhood, but what about making some new? Travel helps you come across lots of interesting people from varied cultures and communities. Some can even get their ‘friends forever’ and an all new Friendship Day might be just the next party you prepare for.

Explore the World

Photo Credit: Sayan Nath

Holidaying for a long period across different cities and countries is the best way to know the world. From architectural edifices to natural wonders, from religious diversity to cultural milieu, the world has so much to explore. From man to wildlife, you get to interact with all. So why sit back and slog over the computer? Apply for a sabbatical and you will have bagful of stories to cherish forever.

A Guaranteed Job when You Come Back

If you have taken a sabbatical from the ongoing job, then why worry? Your boss would love to get you back with a refreshed mind and body and definitely, bundle of new experiences to share with him.

Age is on Your Side

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/92684950@N05/12221868313/

Work made you wiser than teenage self and by now you must have learned a bit of the big world. Luggage packing, sitting by the train window, learning local language and photographing the landscape, all will take you through the best phases of life. You are young so it is good to add some adventure too. I am sure you will appreciate these rather than repenting later on.

No Regrets at the End

Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

Your feet is what takes you to the corners of the globe. Everything has its time and when you grow old, I promise you will never regret for the sabbatical you took for a leisurely vacation amid the wild, far off in the mountains, by the serene seaside or in a historic city.

Gift yourself a mini-retirement. A doctor might not prescribe a holiday, but the cure it gives, is way beyond scientific drugs. Set off! Get out! Wander! Enjoy! This is the time!


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