Here Are 20 Signs That Show You Are a Born Traveller

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Are you the type – who loves, reading a book in wilderness rather than in a four-walled room; trying out a delicious local cuisine rather than eating Chinese in a restaurant; downloading all the travel apps rather than movies, games and videos or constantly day-dreaming which place to visit next? If your answer to all these questions is a big Yes!, then the wanderlust bug has surely bitten you and you have fallen prey to its nature of hopping around the vivid world. If you exhibit any of the following 20 signs, you’re definitely born to travel!

1. You love to sit with an Atlas and encircle the places you wish to visit!

Yes! The pleasure of turning this into reality is fantabulous.

2. Your backpack is always within your reach!

Better not keep it away when you are sure that you will need it too frequently? After all, backpack is your essential travel partner.


3. You keep a constant check on trending airfares, hotel deals and availability of rail tickets!

Is this your favourite time-pass? Then I term you as a ‘wanderlust’.

Image designed by Priyanka Sharma

4. Accumulating cashback has become your singular life mission!

Then your frequent trips can turn into real cheap ones.

5. Your phone is updated with all travel apps!

Because you could possibly need those any time.


6. Your passport is your favourite accessory!

Can you count the number of stamps it has?

Photo Credit:

7. Whenever you save some cash, you plan to utilize it in your next travel!

And then your friends can call you ‘kanjus’. Who cares?

8. Photographing landscape, local culture and memories is your dream!

They remain entangled in your heart forever.

Lodhi Garden, Delhi | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

9. Wherever you go, you bring along souvenirs as a memory!

One day you might have to buy a separate cupboard to keep all those.

A souvenir stall at Mcleodganj | Photo Credit: Ujjal Deb Roy

10. Your facebook profile has more of your personal travel albums!

Friends may get bored of it but for you it is fun, it is life. Go ahead dear friend!

11. You are constantly day dreaming of where to go next!

Live up to your ‘day dreams’.. LOL.. Only you can prove ‘daydreams do come true’.

Photo Credit:

12. Alps Mountain Railway or Amazon jungle has been your favourite fantasy!

While your friends tap their feet on English pops in a dark disco, you wish to wake up to the glory of Alps mountains or click a tiger deep inside the bushes of Amazon and you go far, far and more far…Wowww! How varied the world is!

13. The major criteria for your life partner is that he should be a travel freak by heart!

And you two will swim in the ocean, trek up to the Himalayas or kiss each other under the starlit sky of Jaisalmer.

Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

14. Your in-flight time pass is to read the complementary travel magazine!

Do you really care if you secretly bring one back with you.

15. French, German, Chinese, Spanish and more!

You are an expert in toasting your host in many languages.

16. You have saved your salary to gift yourself a DSLR!

And it will go heavy with clicks of your trips.

Photo Credit:

17. You would be more than happy if parents gift a travel ticket on your birthday!

I don’t need a gold chain mamma. Hahaha 😀

18. You are a foodie by heart!

You can eat any cuisine in any part of the world, drink tap water if mineral water is out of reach. And this is an experience to you!

Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

19. You are the one always sitting in front with the driver!

Antakshari can happen later on, you got to keep an eye on the road first.

20. When you know there is a long weekend, you start planning a trip way ahead!

Bang Bang!!Thailand? Dubai? Okay no.. this time Udaipur or Darjeeling will do..Just pack up buddy and make the best of the long weekend!

Photo Credit:

If you can relate to the above pointers, then get the tattoo of the word ‘wanderlust’ done on your wrist. The world may or may not know you, but you will fall in love with yourself all the more as your dreams of walking barefoot on the beaches of Maldives or dune bashing in Dubai will come true. For life is short and give it everything you live for!

Bon voyage!


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