Funny Things Bus Conductors Say in Kolkata

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It is rightly said that Kolkata has life. Even a new comer here will fall in love with the city’s crazy mob, over-crowded streets and howling hawkers. The best way to indulge in an entertaining journey across the city is to board a public bus. Don’t worry, here the bus conductor will himself come and ask for tickets, the driver will wait until you de-board and walk to the other side of the street and your co-passenger will be fair enough to inform where he/she is getting down, so that you can grab the same seat. But what makes it funny to travel in a humidity and sweating-mob packed bus in Kolkata? All thanks to its conductor, driver and co-passengers who are known for the funny things you can’t avoid to hear during a bus ride in the ‘City of Joy’. Scroll below:

Aaste ladies kole baccha! (Slow down, lady boarding with a child)

This phrase is just epic! Whoever has travelled by a public bus in Kolkata, must have heard the conductors shouting out to drivers ‘Aaste ladies kole bacchafor women boarding or de-boarding the bus with kids.

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Designed by: Priyanka Sharma

Baye jaa..baye jaa..kaata kaataaa.. (Go left, overtake)

Though he is just asking the driver to go left and overtake, but, his typical tone and number of times he repeat the phrase with full enthusiasm makes it unforgettable and amusing.

Dicchi toh…Ekdom last’e nambo! (Just wait! I will get down at the last stop)

Haha! Now this comes from the mouth of passengers when conductors come to ask for tickets. Almost 70% of the laid back passengers ask conductors to come back for tickets later on and return them back with the most hilarious reply ‘Dicchi toh…Ekdom last’e nambo’.

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Golpark, Gariahat, Ballygunje… or else Maidan, Esplanade, Howrah.. Howrah..

As soon as the bus stops (irrespective of it being a bus stand), they would scream out these names with full energy to call in more and more passengers.

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Aree chol na re bhai.. Driver ichche kore signal khachche. (Drive drive.. the driver is deliberately halting at every signal)

You will hear this chorus of agitated passengers, especially if you board a bus during peak hours or continuously get stuck in traffic jam.

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Khali gari… khali gari.. (empty bus)

There might not be a place to sit, but you will hear the conductor scream ‘Khali gari, khali gari’. Something which is ‘filled up’ for us, is ‘khali‘ (empty) for conductors and drivers. Don’t worry! The driver has enough time to wait for the bus to turn ‘bhorti‘ (filled up).

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Cholun.. Pechone egiye cholun.. (Move back, move back!)

 I am sure you won’t find an inch space to step inside, but the conductor will relentlessly scream and make sure you move back and make way for more passengers to get and fit in.

100, 500 takar khuchra chahiya lojja diben na! (Don’t make us feel ashamed by asking for Rs. 100 or 500 change)

Now this is a hilarious phrase written in bold inside every bus in Kolkata. Irritating this might sound, but you have to seek ‘special permission‘ from conductors to purchase a ticket if you do not have ‘khujro‘ (change) and have only Rs. 100 or Rs. 500 note.

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Ki holo? Chepe daran! (What happened? Move aside and stand)

Gentlemen, be aware of women shouting out at you, ‘Ki holo? Chepe daran if you lean towards them, even by mistake.

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After all, Indians are known for their humour level, and people of Kolkata is one of its vibrant examples. Have you heard any of these in Kolkata? Want to add something more hilarious? Please feel free to share with us.


2 thoughts on “Funny Things Bus Conductors Say in Kolkata

    Rohit Kapoor said:
    March 9, 2016 at 6:31 am

    Another phrase that Private/Mini Bus conductors utter in Kolkata is “State Bus pichane lege geche” which means Govt or CSTC Bus is after them on the roads.


      admin said:
      March 30, 2016 at 6:28 am

      Thanks for the additional information.


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