Epic Funny Quotes on Indian Vehicles that Will Make You Go LOL

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Off to a road trip in India? Be prepared to come across uncountable meaningless English and Hindi phrases straight from planet Mars written behind Indian trucks, auto-rickshaws or bikes. These will obviously make you laugh out loud and bring stomach cramps. But, have you ever wondered that those absurd lines or funny quotes might turn out to be the most memorable part of your trip? We have collected some of these innovative phrases written behind vehicles of our country. Let us take a look at such witty one-liners and remember the crazy moments we shared with our travel partners.

1. Like really!

funny quotes

2. Remember the tagline of Volkswagen, Das Auto?

funny quotes

3. Warning? Excuse me!


4. Bet you can come up with the correct meaning!


5. Kindly ignore the spelling errors.


6. The funniest truck shayari ever!


7. Want your wife to gift you a bike?


8. Your safety is our concern!


9. An ordinary truck with an extraordinary quote!


10. Now you can appear for a grammar test 😛


11. Who cares to know about this? Grrrr!


Indians can definitely take fun element to an altogether different level and the hilarious quotes pictured above can be obvious examples. So next time you hit the roads of our country and find such similar quotes, do share those with us.

Although these lines are very catchy to my eyes, but as a travel writer I would like to kill the person who took the pain to write such funny quotes!

(With inputs from Debatree Saha)


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