Best Restaurants in Delhi Offering Authentic Regional Food

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Well, I am a foodie by heart! Be it a regional cuisine or a hot-pick Asian delight, my love for food knows no bounds. Staying in Delhi, the land of Mughals, I have had enough of Mughlai Chicken, Awadhi Biriyani and Lucknawi kebabs. I therefore decided to taste state flavours and local spices, India is known for. Hence began my gastronomic tour to regional restaurants in Delhi. Trust me, they all are fantabulous- be it the food or traditional décor. According to me, some of those best restaurants in Delhi are:

City of Joy, Alaknanda-A Chic Bong Flavour

best restaurants in Delhi
Pabda macher jhal | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

Take out your old pair of jeans, Kolhapuri sandals and head to relish a perfect ‘Bangali’ lunch/dinner brought from the kitchens of Bengal. Catering to a wide menu of Bengali fish recipes, vegetarian dishes and local sweets, this elegant restaurant has touched the heart of numerous Bengalis and non- Bengalis. Try the mutton and chicken dishes too to savour flavours of herbs and spices from Bengal. The restaurant’s Bengali terracotta chandeliers and cane furniture paint the image of a chic Bong household. So, in City of Joy, feel like a Bong, eat like a Bong!

Where: Aravali Shopping Complex, Alaknanda, South Delhi

Cuisine: Bengali

Must Try: Prawn Malai Curry, Doi Pomfret, Shukto, Kosha Mangsho (Mutton), Fulko Luchi

Cost for Two: Rs. 800

Rosang Soul Food-For the North Eastern Bamboo-shoot Pleasure

Restaurants in Delhi
Nghui Ngosing at Rosang Soul Food | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

They are humble! They are experts of local flavours! Yes, this small calm cosy restaurant in Green Park takes you for a real date with North East India. Chefs and waiters come all their way from various North-eastern states to prepare and serve hearty home-style regional dishes. While the food won’t leave you supersaturated by oil and spices, it will leave you satiated with taste and quantity. Warm service and chat with cheerful staff make for an unforgettable dining experience.

Where: Green Park, near Uphaar Cinema

Cuisine: Assamese, Naga, Sikkim, Arunachal, Tripura

Must Try: Nghui Ngosing, Masor Logot Khorisa, Tokhan, Wild Red rice tea

Cost for Two: Rs. 1000

Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen-A Fusion of Pahari Spice and Tradition

Best restaurants in Delhi
Pork Lemon Fried at Yeti-The Himalayan Kitchen | Photo Credit: Yeti-The Himalayan Kitchen

Not much places in Delhi offer Nepalese, Tibetan, Bhutanese or Himalayan cuisines. This chic, elegant restaurant in Hauz Khas Village and GK 2 is one of those few places where the not-so-popular food menu tantalize your taste buds with a fine taste of sweet and spice used in the local kitchens of Himachal. Brick walls decorated with Himalayan antics, Tibetan masks, Buddhist prayer flags and art- the restaurant’s ambience is worth appreciation!

Where: Greater Kailash 2, Hauz Khas Village

Cuisine: Tibetan, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Himachali

Must Try: Bhutun, Shapta, Mutton dumplings and Chow Chow

Cost for Two: Rs. 1,100

Naivedyam-Quest for Dosa Ends Here

Restaurants in Delhi
An authentic South Indian platter | Photo Credit: Sohini Guha

In this land of kebabs and qormas, Naivedyam, an authentic South Indian restaurant does complete justice to the vegetarian fare. Stuffed with dishes (sweet and tangy) brought from kitchens of the south, Naivedyam is one stop destination for a fine vegetarian meal. Soft background music, antique furniture and paintings of gods and goddesses make your dining experience a pleasant one.

Where: Various places across NCR

Cuisine: South India

Must Try: Rawa Dosa, Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, Vegetable Oothappam and yes! Filter Coffee

Cost for Two: Rs. 600

Viva o Viva-Where Crabs from Goa Let Tongue Go Crazy

best restaurants in Delhi
A prawn delicacy cooked in coconut milk | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

Haven’t tasted seafood in Delhi? Want to eat something unconventional? Drive to Viva o Viva in Goa Niwas, Chanakyapuri. Goa and seafood goes hand in hand and this restaurant leave you spellbound with Goan flavours that come in the form of crab and prawn platters. Fish cooked with local herbs and vegetarian delights typical to the state are apt for foodaholics in search of an offbeat dining experience.

Where: Goa Niwas, Chanakyapuri

Cuisine: Goan

Must Try: Pomfret curry with pav, King Fish Masala, Butter Garlic Crab

Cost for Two: Rs. 700

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe-For Bihar’s Heart-melting Litti Choka

best Restaurants in Delhi
Traditional mouthwatering Litti Choka at Potbelly Rooftop Cafe | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

Narrow alleys, quaint locality and steep winding stairs- and you land in Potbelly, a rooftop restaurant serving the flavours of Bihar. Plain yet colourful sitting areas, vibrant and chic yet homely interior and an overall aesthetic set up juxtaposed with delicious Bihari food is something rarely experienced in the bustling city of Delhi.

Where: Shahpur Jat

Cuisine: Bihari

Must Try: Litti Choka, Meat Pakora Basket, Khada Masala Mutton, Champaran Style Mutton, Sarso Machhli

Cost for two: Rs. 1000

SodaBottleOpenerWalaThe real World Irani Cafe

best restaurants in Delhi
Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Parantha | Photo Credit: Debatree Saha

Your craving for Parsi food ends here! A kitschy colourful café type restaurant replete with pool table, red checked table cloths from the time of nuns and cuckoo clock take you along a trail of Parsi culture. Cutleries like typical chai wala glasses, kettle and aluminium tiffin carriers, are what stands apart. And the menu card? Ah! The layout and name of dishes- both are superb. Heard of Khade Chammach ki Chai? Rest of the dishes are free if you can drink this one!

Where: Khan Market, Delhi and DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Cuisine: Parsi

Must Try: Bhendi Bazaar Sheekh Parantha, Berry Pulao, Bacon Keema Macaroni, Prawn Patio, Ginger Biscuit

Cost for two: Rs. 1200

KarimsFrom the Kitchens of Mughals

Best restaurants in Delhi
Kebabs and biriyani at Karims | Photo Credit: Nirmita Roychowdhury

Now this is one restaurant that every Delhite and non-Delhite will love to visit repeatedly. If you are a meat lover, then Karim’s is your ‘Mecca in Delhi’. Be it a family dinner or a food date with fiancée, dining in Karim’s is apt for all. Aroma of steaming nahari, taste of butter naan and a normal dining set up has attracted foodies since years. Don’t mind if you have to a share table. Just concentrate on that juicy tandoori chicken!

Where: Many places across NCR, Karim’s Jama Masjid is the main branch

Cuisine: Mughlai, North Indian

Must Try: Mutton Qorma, Mutton Nahari, Paya, Qeema Naan

Cost for Two: Rs. 800

February is the month of love and celebration. So why not plan a visit in one of these soon? Hold on! Do visit again and share your experience with us.


2 thoughts on “Best Restaurants in Delhi Offering Authentic Regional Food

    Pakhee said:
    February 11, 2016 at 7:07 am

    Hi Debatree, amazing article. Although I have personally been to many, many still remain on my wish list. It’s quite amazing how some of these restaurants are still making some authentic dishes that just not available any more. The company that I work for also aims to write blogs on similar lines and this is great one. Thanks! Pakhee, Brand Manager,!


    Ashwani said:
    February 14, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Being In Delhi I Have Visited Some Of The Above Restaurants & Shared A Great Experience With My Friends . But From The Past 2 To 3 Months i Am Using Zomato And Using Zomato CouponsFrom India Desire I Saved Lots Of Money On Food Bills.


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