goNews: Europe’s First Underwater Museum to Open this February

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Now visit a museum under the ocean in Europe!

Europe’s first ever underwater museum, named The Atlantic Museum or Museo Atlantico, near Spain’s Lanzarote island is going to get branded soon as a destination under the ocean, replete with alluring structures from human life and history. The museum is placed at a depth of around 39 feet below water on the sea floor of the Las Coloradas Bay. It will be showcasing around 400 installed sculptures designed by international artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Keeping environmental pollution in mind, all of those statues in the museum are made from environment-friendly concrete.

underwater museum,
Image for representational purpose only | Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125014400@N03/18958016348/in/photolist-

The sculptures, all of which are accessible via scuba diving or glass-bottomed boats will portray different scenes through human figures from our everyday life. From a couple taking a selfie to figures walking beneath the water and haunting images displaying a raft carrying 13 refugees, all of such installations will make for a distinguished underwater experience in the European continent.

The work of the museum was basically conceived in 2009 to draw annual visitors to Europe towards this otherwise featureless seabed. The vast seabed has been gradually transformed into a complex artificial reef that supports various forms of life. The artist also has plans to install lights, mirrors and underwater fountain to create the reflection of a pool inside the gigantic ocean. Work is going on in progress and the museum is expected to make its grand opening by February end.


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    Narayana.C said:
    February 22, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Valid info. I am pleased


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