GoNews: Ahmedabad Brings India’s First Underwater Restaurant, The Real Poseidon

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Good news for vegetarians living in Ahmedabad or those travelling to Ahmedabad.

underwater restaurant
Image for representational purpose only | Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ithaa#/media/File:Ithaa_inside.JPG

The city brought forth a unique underwater restaurant, the very first of its kind in India. The restaurant has been inaugurated on Februray 1, 2016 in South Bhopal area of Ahmedabad. It has been constructed around 20-feet below the ground level and has been covered with a huge aquarium containing around 1,60,000 litre of water. More than 4000 forms of fish and marine life is on display inside the aquarium, which makes the setting and dining experience more realistic. A few stairs beneath the ground will take you to this fascinating one of its kind tunnel-based dining hall in India.

Named ‘The Real Poseidon’ and owned by Ahmedabad-based businessman, Bharat Bhatt, the 1,200 sq ft. restaurant has a seating capacity of 32 people. While savouring global cuisines, namely Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Punjabi, guests can soak in the spectacular marine view around them. ‘The Real Poseidon’ has already generated huge interest among food lovers. With more popularity and word-of-mouth, it is definitely going to be a big hit among foodies from round the country.

So next time you are in Ahmedabad either for a holiday or a business meeting, make sure you visit this offbeat under-water themed restaurant that opens doors to an exotic marine dining experience.

P.S.: While it is a delight for food lovers, it will add more spark to non-meat lovers, because ‘The Real Poseidon’ is all about vegetarian dishes from different parts of the world.


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