Top 6 Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot In and Around Delhi

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Engaged? Toh matlab baat pakki! And before you know, it’s time for the pre-wedding shoot. As if writing down the to-do list for the marriage preparation was not enough, there is the pressure of finding the best place and the best photographer for the pre-wedding shoot. On top of it, the tension of finding the right dresses and looking slim in them. Duh! Well, welcome to the ‘getting-married’ phase. So here we are to your rescue, bringing you the top places in and around Delhi for pre-wedding photography. And, some really, like really handy tips to make your shoot convenient yet memorable. All you have to do is padho aur follow karo!

First the Top Locations:

1. Lodhi Gardens

Pre-wedding shoot_Lodhi Gardens
Lodhi Gardens | Photo Credit: Dhruv Bansal

If you are looking for a natural setting and a romantic backdrop, then Lodhi Gardens is the perfect place for your photo shoot. Colourful flowers, historical tombs, soothing water body, small bridges and plenty of open space, nothing beats Lodhi Gardens when it comes to the pre-wedding shoot. The monuments inside the gardens will provide a nice, vintage feel to the photos and you won’t need any external props either. Don’t mind the onlookers though!

Best time to shoot: Early morning

Location benefit: No entry fee

2. Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar

Heritage Hotel Manesar
Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar | Photo Credit: Anubha Sehgal

Located at National Highway 8, Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar is encircled by vast acres of lush greenery. A Rajasthani haveli style palatial resort, it is the perfect den offering the perfect ambience and time to the photographer and you, away from the onlookers. You could choose getting clicked in/near the swimming pool, restaurants, garden area, lobby area or wherever your heart pleases. You might have to book a room if you wish to use the place for photography.

Best time to shoot: Any Time

Location benefit: Exclusivity

3. Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses | Photo Credit: Tania Seth Photography

If an artistic setting is what you’re looking for, head straight to the Garden of Five Senses. A twenty-acre site, it is located at Said-Ul-Azaib village, close to the Mehrauli heritage area. Tell your photographer to make use of the variety of backdrops that this garden provides such as rugged rocky stances, Mughal era inspired architecture, waterfalls, modern art installations, water pools with lotuses and water-lilies, a spiral walk-way, life-size stone art displays etc. So much to choose from! However, remember to first take permission to shoot here.

Best time to shoot: 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Location benefit: 1 km from Saket metro station

4. Rajpath

Rajpath | Photo Credit: Shoot Vhoot

One of the most important roads in India, Rajpath or Kings Way runs from Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raisina Hill through Vijay Chowk and India Gate to National Stadium. Flanked with well-maintained gardens and fountains, Rajpath’s wide roads will make your photographs look amazingly beautiful.

Best time to shoot: Early morning

Location benefit: No fee

5. Hauz Khaz Fort

Hauz Khaz Fort | Photo Credit: Sunny Kapoor

Most professional photographers love to shoot at the Hauz Khaz Village because it offers a variety of landscapes and backdrops. Overlooking a pond, Hauz Khas Fort stands tall in the centre of well-maintained parks and has beautiful long passages, staircases, arches and windows.

Best time to shoot: Early morning

Location benefit: No entry fee

6. Humayun’s Tomb

Pre-wedding shoot_Humayun's Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb | Photo Credit: Neytra Photography

A UNESCO world heritage site, Humayun’s Tomb is the ultimate place for those who want to give their pictures a historical feel. The tomb’s mesmerising Mughal-Persian architecture, beautiful char bagh gardens, huge doors and stunning water fountains give a distinct flavour to the pre-wedding pictures.

Best time to shoot: Before 11:00 am or after 3:30 pm

Location benefit: Ample parking space  

And Now for the Tips:

  1. Location: Be smart and choose historical, free-entry places like Hauz Khas Village, Humayun’s Tomb and Lodhi Gardens as they provide a perfect romantic setting with their old era forts, lush greenery and well-maintained gardens.
  1. Backdrop: Always prefer a natural setting over an artificial setting (read photo-studio) as trees, gardens and lakes make for awesome backdrops!
  1. Timing: Most professional photographers prefer sunrise as the best time since natural light works wonders for pictures and the place is less crowded. So you are free to practice your modeling skills without feeling embarrased.
  1. Changing Room: This is a tricky one. All historical monuments won’t have public restrooms. So personal experience says: Guys, park your car in a secluded place near the location and change in the car. Girls – Start your shoot with a tight-fit top and jeggings may be. Next, wear a kurta, anarkali, long skirt over the first dress to save time and effort. Get both the ethnic and western look without much hassle. However, if you have chosen Hauz Khas Village, you can go to any cafe, order a cup of tea/coffee and avail their restroom services. Similar for Lodhi Gardens with the Lodhi Restaurant next door.
  1. Photographer: Try and go for the photographer who will be clicking your wedding pictures as well. Firstly, he/she might give you a cost-effective package. Secondly, you will know their style and become comfortable around them. This will be of great help when the same photographer clicks you on your D-Day. The best option, however, is to maintain good relations with your photographer friends for a sasta aur acha experience!

So, this wedding season, if you are getting hitched, follow our easy tips and make your pre-wedding shoots stand out from the rest!

(With inputs from Priyanka Sharma)


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