New Year Travel Resolutions for 2016

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Who doesn’t love to travel? Travelling is fun. With New Year 2016 round-the-corner, you all might be busy chalking out new tour plans. But is there any meaning in visiting a place just for the heck of it? Do we travel because we have to or because we want to? Well, this topic is surely open for some serious thought but, for now, let us talk of all new year travel resolutions that you might have made, or even if you haven’t. And if you feel you could inculcate any of these in your future trips, then our purpose is half sufficed.

Say ‘No’ to Wheelers

Have you ever thought of exploring a new place on foot, of course to the extent that is plausible? Some actually walk, but honestly most don’t. If you contemplate using your feet, then you would seriously enjoy two things. First, knowing the place better since the true and local flavour of any city lies in its corners. Walking the offbeat, you could say. Second, you will certainly lose some calories. Eh!

Try Local Cuisine

New Year_Local Korean Food
Tantalise your taste buds with lip-smacking local Korean food | Photo Credit: Bhawna Grover

What is the point of going to a new place and playing safe with food? You could always get back home and have your favourite aaloo paranthas and butter chicken. Just imagine how much of it you must have missed if you have not tried Rajasthan’s Dal Baati Churma, Kashmir’s Kebab platters, Thailand’s Tom Yum Goong, Korea’s Jjigae or Italy’s Tiramisu. So get a little experimental and be game for new flavours.

Travel Solo

New Year_Travel Solo
Take out some ‘me’ time and travel solo | Photo Credit: Sayan Nath

When it comes to venturing new destinations, people usually prefer moving in groups. But there are few daredevils who love travelling solo. Being alone doesn’t make you vulnerable but surely makes one more approachable. People end up meeting new folks and who knows you could just stumble upon a great pal in some great destination.

Learn Local Languages

We presume that everybody knows Hindi or English and when we go to a place where people mostly speak in their local language, we end up complaining that they were not helpful, they purposely didn’t speak in our language and so on. Now come on, you have gone to their city, you should be more accommodating. Why don’t you try and learn few local words while staying there, maybe that way you could get a bit in-sync with the place and come back with a new language added on your CV.

Relax on a Holiday

New Year_Relax on the beach
Forget your worries and just relax on the beach | Photo Credit: Bhawna Grover

Honestly, why do we travel? To relax or to stress ourselves further? We plan so much in such less a time that we need a special day or two to unwind after getting back home. Think about it. Sometimes, we are just left with is a camera full of photographs but no memories. I would say, once in a while, take a holiday only to relax. No one is going to kill you for not covering every single attraction in a place. Try to grasp the real essence of the place, take time talking to locals, getting to know their history, culture, traditions and rituals, try-out their local food . That’s what a rich travel experience means.

Stay in Experiential Accommodations

New Year_Tree House Accommodation
Stay in a tree-house for a one-of-its-kind experience!

For many us, the idea of accommodation is hotels. There is nothing really  wrong with that but next time you are out, why don’t you opt to stay in a beach camp or a rural stay, or if your budget allows, a heritage boutique hotel, an ethnic resort, a tree-house or a snow hotel. Look for a unique experiential stay and trust me, you are going to love it.

Get Rid of Your Fears

New Year_daring acts
Get an adrenaline rush with adventure sports like skydiving | Photo Credit: Sakshi Aggarwal

If you have been to Andamans and not tried scuba diving, or visited Australia and not tried bungee jumping, you surely did miss-out on a lot. You might have fear of heights, water or depths, but this is your golden chance to overcome your inhibitions, to win over your fears. Let your wildest and scariest dream come true. Make way for some adrenaline-rushing action in your next trip.

Digital Detox

At homes, in offices, on roads and everywhere around, people just seem glued to their electronic devices. And do you think you could ever enjoy a travel with those gadgets tinkling in your ears. No way! How difficult is it to leave your devices back home and enjoy every moment of your trip? It’s rather simple. Try it! You are sure to learn more through real-life experiences, trust me.

Explore Your Own Country

New Year_Homeland
Explore lesser known travel places of your country | Photo Credit: Nibedita Basumatary

Some people love travelling abroad just to have that stamp on the passport. But sometimes, they forget to explore their own country. Every nation is packed with wonders, big and small. So next time you are game for some travel and don’t have a lot of time at hand, try the lesser-explored fringes of your own country.

While these are just resolutions, try and stick to some of them in order to take one step ahead in your journey of life.


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