16 Special Dishes From 16 Indian States

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Some live to eat while others eat to live, but one cannot deny that the sight of the irresistibly delicious mayo-mustard sauce trickling down layers of sliced bun, cooked patties and salad pieces in a burger definitely churns the gastric juices volcanic. We all love home food, food prepared by our mom, food that makes us ever so proud of our ethnicity. But have we ever tried to venture into the culinary world of our subcontinent which holds a great assortment of crazy lip-smacking dishes. While we might have tasted few yet lots still remain to amaze us. So, we bring you a list of 16 states of India with their culinary uniqueness.

Jammu & Kashmir

kashmiri gushtaba

Apart from unparalleled scenic beauty, Kashmir surely has something more in its kitty. It is known to delight millions with its Gushtaba and Seekh kebabs. Minced meat as sizzling starters or mutton balls cooked in spices and curd during any special occasion, gives the right punch for a flavoured bonanza.

Himachal Pradesh

himachali siddu

Alongside a generous number of hill stations to woo tourists, Himachal’s special Sidu, a fermented wheat bread with fruits, mutton or dal stuffing and cooked on slow fire, creates some sensory magic on your taste buds when had with lots of melted desi ghee. You will surely forget dieting here.


Jhangore Uttarakhand

Their simple and nutritious traditional cuisine gives way to some of the best recipes ever. Your sweet tooth will get a high when Arsa and Jhangore ki Kheer settles on your tongue. The use of jaggery, milk, sugar and dry fruits does the needful.


methi ka thepla, Gujarat

Start your day with a healthy snack that is powered with the flavours of Gujarat. Methi ka Thepla, a flat-bread made from fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour and spices works great on both your body and taste buds. Other delights would include Khandvi and Dal Dhokli as well.


Daal Bati Churma Rajasthan

Though synonymous with Dal Baati Churma, Rajasthan mellifluously plays with your senses with its thick and fiery Banjari Gosht or the spicy Onion Kachori.


Sarson-Ka-Saag Punjab

A dollop of butter on hot makke ki roti with sarson ka saag is an all-time favourite among the locals but what keeps people licking their fingers and asking for more is the irresistible Butter Chicken, its creamy and mind-blowing flavours goes brilliantly with butter naan and kulcha.


Bharli Vangi Maharashtra

If you wish to savour the true flavours of the state, then head straight into a Maharashtrian kitchen to watch spices, herbs and vegetables breathe an all-new life into their cuisine. Be it Kaju Kothimbir Vadi or Bharli Vangi, these delicious dishes are in high preference during functions and weddings.


neer dosa karnataka

Be it the savoury rice and coconut crepe, Neer Dosa or the mouth-watering sweet, Dharwad Peda, Karnataka has yet another feather on its glorious cap.


nadan chicken curry kerala

People just fall head-over-heels for Kerala’s repertoire of non vegetarian delights. Fish-lovers are in for a blast for the yummy Fish Molee, dipped in a fiery marinate, deeply fried and cooked in a creamy coconut base till soft, is ever-ready to electrify you. For chicken-lovers, Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu is a wonder.

Andhra Pradesh

Shikampuri Kebab Andhra Pradesh

While Biryani is eternal, Hyderabad’s royal platter boasts of the smoky-flavoured Shikampuri Kebab along with the roasted and caramelised Hyderabadi Pepper Chicken Roast. One simply gets into a culinary tryst with the state



Fish-lovers get to satiate their taste-buds here with a plethora of beautifully-cooked recipes including Machcha Patropoda, fish- marinated, wrapped and cooked in banana leaves along with Machcha Besara, a dish cooked in mustard, tomato, curd and coriander leaves.


thekua Bihar

In Bihar one gets to taste the best of two diverse worlds. While the crispy, crunchy and tasty Thekua satiates your sweet cravings, pasandas of mutton marinated in a yoghurt-papaya paste and barbecued is relished through Bihari Kebabs.

Madhya Pradesh

Bhopali Pan  Madhya Pradesh

In Bhopal, one gets to choose from a cartload of recipes viz Achari Gosht, Keema Pulav, Rogan Josh and Bafla, but what follows post-meal makes for the icing on the cake. Bhopali Paan is extremely popular for its refreshing flavour and is known to aid in digestion as well.

West Bengal

shorshe ilish West Bengal

There is no dearth to non-vegetarian recipe options while in West Bengal. Known particularly for their inherent love for fish, the simplicity, diversity and authenticity associated with Chingri Malai Curry or Shorshe Ilish is truly commendable.


Dohneiihong Meghalaya

The beauty of the hills, warmth of its locals along with a hot and spicy flavour in their cuisine can be best relished in their traditional and special Dohneiihong and Jadoh.


Bebinca Goa

Goa is extensively visited for its beaches, pheni, cool lifestyle along with the hot and fiery Vindaloo. Delicious to the core, its authentic taste can be attributed to the unique blend of meat fat, garlic, vinegar, jaggery and chilli pepper. Your sweet tooth will find ultimate solace in the traditional, multi-layered dessert, Bebinca.

So, if you have already smacked your lips more than once while going through this blog, then you surely know what to do. Get going. Forget dieting and simply drown in the flavours of India.


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