Alluring Maharashtra: Voyage to its best kept monsoon getaways

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Sight of raindrops drizzling from the sky, smell of wet soil, cool splash, floating paper boats on water logged streets and sipping steaming coffee on a rainy day left a permanent scar in our list of childhood memories. While some loves to enjoy the showers through windows, others find joy in heading for a long drive to some known and unknown destinations.

Monsoon in Maharashtra

Away from loud cities, sight and sound of showers become more audible, breathtaking and pleasurable. Nature dazzles with greenery to create a heavenly milieu for either a romantic escape or a lone leisure outing. Rain adorns every part of India with the most scenic vistas of nature. In this series of our monsoon getaways, we bring forth such top 5 destinations:



Frequent heavy downpours are a common feature of this small coastal town during monsoon. It is this continuous rainfall that turns Alibaug lush green and blanket the entire region with a misty outlook. A drive via Mumbai- Pune Expressway is the best means to reach Alibaug in Konkon region and enjoy a rejuvenating monsoon vacation amid clean beaches, beautifully tucked cottages and freshly cooked sea food delicacies.

Distance: Around 93km from Mumbai



Monsoon in Maharashtra is incomplete without a long drive to Lonavala and its most spectacular Bhusi Dam. During monsoon Shayadri Mountain ranges and Western Ghats come alive with alluring greenery, tiny waterfalls and breathtaking foggy shade of green, yellow, blue, brown and silver. The otherwise quaint hill town of Lonavla gives the best opportunity to enjoy all these. An overnight stay here is the best choice one can ever make as hotels in Lonavala are aptly located and beautifully designed to let you enjoy the most gorgeous vistas of wet Sahyadri Ranges.

Distance: Approximately 82km from Mumbai



Though lost in the veritable shadow of its popular counterpart, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani remained a preferred name for those in search of a sleepy relaxing holiday in a less crowded locale. Its idyllic landscape speckled with colonial cottages, shiny rivulets, quaint hamlets and rolling hills get drenched in rain during monsoon and make the place utterly magical. A walk through its many unknown small winding paths covered by rain-kissed tall and short bushes gives you a prefect chance to get lost in nature’s beauty.

Distance: Approximately 230km km from Mumbai

Malshej Ghat:


To plan a short trip to Malshej Ghat near Kalyan does not need heavy cash and long leaves. Vast stretches of green rugged hills, dripping water resulting in small and big waterfalls, floating clouds and chill wind of Malshej Ghat during monsoon blanket with seclusion and rejuvenation. Plan an overnight stay here, as after a quick visit to Ajoba Hill Fort and Harishchandra Fort, the cozy rooms of hotels in Malshej Ghat end you short sweet trip on a memorable note.

Distance: Approximately 154km from Mumbai.



While talking about hidden wonders, this is one name that reverberates again and again. Tucked near Igatpuri, Bhandardara has everything required for a monsoon trip in the lap of nature. Gushing waterfalls, tall misty mountains and unending stretch of greenery delight you in every second of your stay here. The beauty of Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and Umbrella Falls reaches the zenith as rain pours and spreads a magical veil over the region.

Distance: Approximately 185km from Mumbai


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