Go Unconventional: Hidden Hill Stations in India

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“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown”. The quote happens to be the driving force behind today’s post. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to tread onto a completely unknown path? Doesn’t the feeling of being in a whole new place with nothing known give you a high? Being a regular traveller, I wasn’t really looking forward to head to a conventional destination. Hence began my search for the hidden hill stations in India. After a month full of extensive research that included numerous hours on the laptop, travel books, countless sleepless nights and cups of coffee, here’s the list of recommendations:

Shogi, Shimla

Hill stations in India

Away from the crowded Shimla lies the peaceful land of Shoghi. A 30 minute drive is all it takes to reach the land of solitude. Nestled amidst lush green surroundings and soothing winds, this place is ideal for bird watching. Oak forests greet the travellers here. There’s no dearth of good food joints, Sharma Dhaba being a speciality. Don’t miss out on filling up your bags with apple and its byproducts.

Accommodation: Some regular choices of hotels in Shogi, Shimla include Aamod Resort and Lord’s Garden Glory.

Visit Shimla Travel Guide for more information.

Landour, Mussoorie

hill stations in India

There’s no doubt in the fact that Mussorie is a heaven for writers. Move a little further and you’ll find a place that goes beyond the description of heaven. Yes, we are talking about Landour and you have to agree to this. After all, the man who woos the world with his words, Ruskin Bond, lives here. A perfect depiction of the countryside is what this place is. If Mussorie is called as the ‘Queen of Hills’ then Landour happens to be its tiara. The Welsh town of India, Landour has four churches from the times of the British Raj and are definitely a must see. They are Kellogg’s Church, St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s Church and Methodist Church.

Accommodation: It is easy to find good hotels in Landour, Mussoorie that offer a pleasant stay in budget. Prospect Point and Hotel City Castle are two instances.

Look up our Mussoorie Travel Guide for more info.

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

Hill stations in India

Down south where Ooty and Kodaikanal enjoy preference amongst hill stations lies Yelagiri, the land of tranquility. Enjoy a silent session of boating at Punganoor Lake or maybe a romantic walk with your loved one in the park around it. In order to reach Yelagiri, take a bus or cab from Jolarpet Railway Station and you’ll be at this serene land in just half an hour. If you are into adventure sports, do try paragliding at Yelagiri.

Accommodation: Hotels in Yelagiri offer a range of facilities under reasonable amount. Kumararraja Palace and Hotel Landmark fall in our list of recommended accommodation.

Yelagiri Travel Guide takes you to a tour into this land full of charm.

Pelling, Sikkim

Hill stations in India

While it may not really find its name in the list of secret destinations in India, Pelling at Sikkim is one place vacationers often miss out on while travelling to North East. One reason behind this is because Gangtok is more of a reachable destination within the state of Sikkim. An excellent place for the trek lover with loads of breathtaking views, Pelling is the place to be.

Accommodation: There are a vast number of hotels in Pelling such as the Norbu Ghang Resort and The Elgin Mount Pandim Hotel.

Read the Pelling Travel Guide for details.

Saputara, Gujarat

Hill stations in India

Last but not the least, Saputara in Gujarat finds its name in our list of hidden places in India. Located in the Sahyadri Range, Saputara is the only hill station in the state of ‘Thepla‘ and ‘Dhokla‘. Arrive in the monsoon season to witness the beauty of this land at its best. It is famous for its Dangs Darbar Festival that is held a week before the festival of colours, Holi. The event is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the traditions of the tribal community here.

Accommodation: Amongst hotels in Saputara, Patang Lord’s Inn and Uday Hill Resort are preferred by tourists.

Read Saputara Travel Guide to know more.


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    awesome article.. Mussoorie seems to be really nice idea. looking forward to visit there soon, you should visit Shimla too, its a really nice place, btw thanks for the info.


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