First Train of Meghalaya

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Meghalaya First Train
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Meghalaya, one of the beautiful states that come under the list of seven sisters of east, is among the most visited locations in India. Its scenic beauty, the waterfalls, the hills, the lush green forests and streamlets make it the perfect location for the honeymooners, artists and beauty admirers. There is a spur in the east now with the launch of the first passenger train from Meghalaya. It was flagged off from Assam by our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This train would operate between Mendipathar in Meghalaya and Guwahati. The inauguration of this train was done by the PM via remote control system. All of this happened at Railway Stadium in Maligaon, Guwahati. Additionally, PM Narendra Modi also laid the foundation stone of a broad gauge railway line. This was done for the train running from Bhairabi to Sairang in Mizoram.


The function was attended by some of our national leaders along with our current PM. These included the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu and Chief Ministers of Assam, Meghalaya and Mizoram. In his speech, PM Modi said that his government has decided to allow 100 percent FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in railways. He also said that this would be done to increase the process of modernization of Indian Railways. In addition, the government will consider privatization of railway stations for the purpose of promoting economic activities. This step is definitely going to be beneficial for improving Meghalaya tourism.  

To know more about Meghalaya Tourism

Narendra Modi Flags-Meghalaya

He claimed that his government would set up four Universities for the Railways. All students who graduate from these Universities would be able to contribute to the Indian Railways, and also increase the rate of employment. There was a mass crowd at the function and roads were crowded on both ends leading to it. It became a grand occasion for the east as now even the north-east would attract more tourists towards it, just like the other states.

The PM has been putting in sincere efforts in the upliftment of the condition in the north-east and is actively seen participating in the region’s activities. Sometime back, he was present to inaugurate the Hornbill Festival that is held every year in Nagaland. Mr. Modi had kick started the policy of Take in India as soon as he took to the seat of the Prime Minister. If we look closely into the industries being affected as per this program, tourism finds a significant place so we can easily conclude that these steps are being implemented in accordance with the same.

He signed off saying, “It is believed in Vastu Shastra that Northeastern part of the house must be proper. Then things will be good at home. If we take good care of the Northeast, the entire India will move ahead.” This statement definitely implies that his government is going to work for the betterment of this region. The initial steps work out in the favour of Northeast and Meghalaya for the recent matter and continuous efforts will help the government reach out to the masses and touch millions of hearts. The decision of bringing out the railway connectivity here will generate curiosity as well as intrigue people from all across the world to visit the splendid state of Meghalaya.


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