Top Diwali Destinations –Diwali in Goa and Rajasthan

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Diyas, crackers, candles and lights… all these amalgamate into delightful Diwali experience. Yet again we not only celebrate this time of the year for auspicious reasons, but also for experiencing the fact that good always wins over evil.

You get to experience the true enthusiasm of Diwali celebration worldwide. So let’s get together and feel the vibe of this festive season as we take a trip to the best destinations which are Goa and Rajastjan. Goibibo brings to you the list of best hotels in these locations, for the grand occasion. So let’s begin…

1. Siolim House, Diwali in Goa :

The 350 year old former Portuguese mansion turned boutique hotel, brings back the colonial era with tropical climate. Located in the blissful village of Siolim, this hotel give you food delights and offers during the festive season.

Siolim house-Goa
The picturesque Siolim house, Goa


2. Samode Palace, Diwali in Rajasthan :

Experience the grandeur royalty as you visit the Samode Palace, located in an ecstatic location of the Aravalli Hills.

Samode Palace-Rajasthan
Samode Palace, Diwali in Rajasthan

3Coco Shambhala :

Looking for a luxury during this festive season, then Coco Shambhala located in Goa is apt for you. Get the thrill of fizzy air as you stroll through or relax near its pool clustered around palm trees.

Coco Shambhala
Terrace of Coco Shambhala

4. Fateh Garh :

Get a view of Udaipur from this magnificent hotel located on the hillside and feel the heritage renaissance.

Fateh Garh
Dusk at Fateh Garh

5. RAAS :

By the name we recall the meaning as aesthetics and yet literally looking at this oasis we can conclude the same. Raas is located in central Jodhpur and is an exquisite hotel with great food, surrounding and view.

An evening at Raas-Jodhpur

6. Casa Vagator :

Varandas, swimming pool, steps and walkways are all awaiting for you at the Casa Vagator in Goa. Thrill yourself with the south east asian influence and boutique sensibilities very much noticeable here.

Casa Vagator- Goa
Spending some leisure time at Casa Vagator- Goa

7. Hotel Diggi Palace :

One of the most literary cool festival destinations of Rajasthan evolved over the years from backwater waypoint is Hotel Diggi Palace.

Hotel Diggi Palace
The detailed interiors and exterior of Hotel Diggi Palace

8Alsisar Haveli :

One of the most valued heritage hotels of Jaipur and a huge travellers hub for most of the European designers is the Alsisar Haveli.

Alsisar Haveli
Inside the Alsisar Haveli

9. Panjim Inn :

Get a jist of the portuguese architecture at the soon to be UNESCO recognized Latin quarter known as the Panjim Inn. This magnificent mansion is a great place to stay for all transit visitors who like to enjoy the culture, shopping and dining in Goa.

marvel Panjim Inn, Goa
A view of the architecture marvel Panjim Inn, Goa

10.Casa Baga :

Located at a close proximity to the beach and one of the only real boutique hotel in Baga, Goa is the Casa Baga. Ease yourself at the pool, spa and lounge located with Indonesian decorations within this hotel.

Casa Baga, Goa
Indonesian decorations within Casa Baga, Goa

11. Casa Anjuna :

One of the oldest Portuguese mansions with stylish interiors, tropical garden and located 200 metres from the beach is the Casa Anjuna in Goa.

Casa Anjuna-Goa
Afternoon pool view at Casa Anjuna-Goa

12. The Sofala or Mangrove Villa :

The busiest boutique hotel which secures the gap between family guesthouses and five star hotels of Goa. The Mangrove Villa is located at a close proximity from the Nerul river and nevertheless gives you a luxury Portuguese experience.

Mangrove Villa
The Sofala or Mangrove Villa

13. Shanti Morada :

Bridging the gap between rustic charm and high end hotels of Goa is the Shanti Morada, a 20 room property built  from the facade of an old Portuguese villa  .

Shanti Morada
The shimmering water at the Shanti Morada

14. Samode Haveli :

Hidden within the walls of the pink city of Jaipur is the Samode Haveli covered with old school Rajasthani characters and designs.

Samode Haveli
Delightful time at Samode Haveli

15. Madri Haveli :

Situated in the heart of Udaipur is an amicable and exquisitely restored 300 year old haveli known as the Madri Haveli.

Madri Haveli
Bedrooms at the Madri Haveli

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