Travel Diaries: Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

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“One must care about the world one will not see” –Bertrand Russel

Friend With Tiger

It was one of those Independence Day celebrations at office when all of us started planning for a holiday trip. Suggestions came from everywhere from hill station to beaches but we didn’t want a conventional travel plan. Henceforth, someone came up with the idea of jungle safari. October was just round the corner and Ranthambore was to open soon. Without giving a second thought we decided to romance the wildlife of India. The tickets were booked and all of us were ready to meet the tigers.
When we think about tigers, what is the first thought that enters our mind? Ferocious, powerful, strong headed. That is the image of tigers set in our mind and isn’t it so true. Ever since childhood, haven’t we been taught to behave like the tough and courageous like the tiger? As the date started coming nearby, all of us put on our reading glasses and began to research on Ranthambore and a lot of tigers and wildlife.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
What we came to know left us speechless. India has more than 80% of the total population of tiger in the world. But sadly, due to disharmony in nature, infrastructure development and illegal activities like poaching, the count of tigers is diminishing day by day. Last year, we lost 63 tigers. And even though the authorities have been putting in every effort to save this endangered species, a lot more is required from our side to help this epitome of power and bravery bounce back to its proper numbers. So by the time it was time to pack our bags to the kingdom of the mighty rule, we had a vision in our minds. To Celebrate the Existence of Tigers. To Celebrate Wildlife.

The past weekend saw us updating all kinds of large and small information about tigers and our trip to Ranthambore on our Twitter handle. From stepping on to the Kota Jan Shatabdi on the sunny Saturday afternoon till getting out of the Dehradun Express on Monday morning, you saw the live action right from the land of the tigers. Here’s a quick ride to our enlightening journey to the Ranthambore National Park and the fort through the lenses.
Rathambore India                                      We spotted this pugmark during our early morning jeep safari

Ranthambore Jungle

    The beautiful forest of Ranthambore, feels even more heavenly when you are right there in an open jeep.

Ranthambore fort    A beautiful scene from the Ranthambore fort

The Traitor                       The Traitor (Yes, we have his story coming in the next post)

The PoolThe Pool – Just one word, seductive 😀

end to our journeyThe picture that marked the end to our journey

These may be just a few pictures and we know you are waiting for the whole story. A short little break and we’d be back with a detailed post or two.

For now, through this post we wish to convey you that there’s a reason why we are #celebrating wildlife and why you should do that too.

Our wildlife is a significant part of our existence and like us, they too have full right to enjoy their habitat in its purest form. So why kill them for our selfish needs? Why kill tigers for trade? Why destroy their homes for our infrastructure development?

“Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life: he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”  –Chief Seattle, 1854

We found this quote back at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and how true it is. We are on a mission. We are not letting any tiger die an untimely death for trade or any other reason. Help us save the tiger. It’s about time. Take a trip to any of the wildlife sanctuaries this season and you’ll realize why we are trying to make friends with the tigers.

celebrating wildlife

We are #celebrating wildlife. Are you?
Follow us on Twitter and help spread the word. Let’s create a revolution.


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