GoFotoCon Winners On World Photography Day

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GoFotoCon-World Photography Day
GoFotoCon-World Photography Day

August 19th is World Photography Day and the prefect day to announce the winners of GoFotoCon.

It was a monumental exercise and a gratifying journey for us at Goibibo, firstly to see the response and quality of images we received, then to see the enthusiasm and sharing of the photographer on the social media and finally the wonderful experiences of the field trip to Srinagar and Gulmarg.

Trip to Srinagar and Gulmarg
Trip to Srinagar and Gulmarg

The arrival of digital camera technology and the explosion of the social media are intertwined in such a way that one cannot live without the other. Think about it, the world probably needs an X number of professional photographers but because of the social media we have more than X raised to the power N number of photographers out there …clicking, uploading, sharing and enjoying the fun tools that have added so much joy to all our lives.

The grandeur of J&K
The grandeur of J&K

In much the same way travel and photography is mutual mulch, one feeding the other in a never ending cycle of simple harmonic motion that started a while ago and today stands at a place where a singularity is a distinct probability, perpetual motion.

Not quite tangentially, it is now time to announce the winner of GoFotoCon. Putting all the clichés about how it was a close competition and how each and every participant is a winner, let’s cut straight to the chase….

And the winner is  …… Rajender Prasad from Mumbai. Congratulations, you are the Goibibo photographer of the year. Your ability to showcase the grandeur of J&K left us asking for more.

Insightful Kashmir
Insightful Kashmir

The Runner Up is Kartik Jain. His eye for the human face was obvious and insightful.

Wonderful Jammu and Kashmir
Wonderful Jammu and Kashmir
World's most beautiful place-Kashmir
World’s most beautiful place-Kashmir

And in a tie for 3rd place are Swarup Mandal and Arpan Mahajan.

Congratulations to you all. You are brand ambassadors for travel and photography.

Thank you to all the participants, all the best for your future travels and watch this space for more wonderful social media interactions from Goibibo.



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