#GoFotoCon Rocks

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Travel is all about seeing new place and learning new things. We learn more about our world and ourselves in one day spent outdoors than we do in one year spent indoors. This is because we capture information through all our senses when we live the outdoor life.

The most important aspect of travel is the memories we collect and the best way to relive those memories is photographs.

The fact that people like to take pictures and share their memories has been amply demonstrated by the awesome response to our contest ##GoFotoCon and it must be said the people are really talented.

We present here a showcase of some of the best pictures.

GoFotoCon Rocks
GoFotoCon Rocks

    Deepika Gumaste

GoFotoCon Rocks-2
GoFotoCon Rocks-2

 Rahul R

GoFotoCon Rocks-3
GoFotoCon Rocks-3

 Akash Narang

GoFotoCon Rocks-4
GoFotoCon Rocks-4

 Vinod Sharma

GoFotoCon Rocks-5
GoFotoCon Rocks-5

Swarup Mandal

With 220 plus entries and well over a 1000 votes received, we are proud to say that #GoFotoCon is a runaway success and now we are ready for the field trip with the top ten photographers from this contest. Watch this space.

By Rajesh Baruah

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