Kerala Tourism Department starts a unique campaign –‘Dream Deals’

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Kerala Tourism Department in a bid to improve the declining tourism in off-season summer months of April and May have started a new campaign, titled ‘Dream Deals’. The summer months followed by a three-month monsoon season have hit Kerala on the 1st of June which reduces the number of tourists visiting the state. The new campaign is targeted at improving the tourism and providing new and unique experience to the travelers by providing a discount rate scheme.

A dedicate microsite has been built for this campaign which can be viewed at Visitors and travelers can view this website to create a unique and preferred itinerary at discounted rates. Five accredited tour operates in the state will receive the proposed itinerary. These 5 operators will revert back to the applicant with the lowest rates according to Suman Billa, Secretary, Tourism, Government of Kerala.

Kerala is considered to be extremely beautiful during the monsoon season but owing to the heavy rains it becomes a little difficult to travel outside and explore the various attractions spread across the state on foot. A P Anilkumar, Minister for Tourism, Government of Kerala, said the response has been encouraging. “This is also because June is peak summer and school holiday time in North India, where rains are few and far between,” he noted. “Tourists from that part of the country would be particularly tempted to sense the cooler climes of Kerala till end of August,” he said.

Suman Billa also mentioned the advantages of the lean season for tourists and availability of discounts on hospitality related expenses. He said, “For the domestic traveler, the charges will be lower by around 30 per cent. Besides helping create itinerary-based destinations, budget and the number of days to spend in Kerala, ‘Dream Deals’ will give users the option to play around mixing and matching various destinations into the itinerary until they get the most comfortable one”.

Kerala Tourism Department will tie up with some of the major airlines operating to certain key locations in Kerala to provide the ‘Dream Deals’ brand on the back of the board passes. This would help marketing these exciting discount and offers for the off-season travel month. This combined with the advertisements displayed at various New Delhi Metro Stations would go a long way in helping attract visitors to the state.


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