Lonely Planet accredited India’s Mihir Garh Hotel as the most extraordinary hotel in the World

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Mihir Garh Hotel

You can be forgiven for overlooking the hot burning deserts of Rajasthan and arranging your stay at a Luxury hotel built within some historic fort. But you might not forgive yourself when you realize that you just missed out on one of the most extraordinary hotels in the world. The Lonely Planet recently came out with the lists of top 10 extraordinary hotels, best valued hotels in the world and the 10 most outstanding eco hotels in the world and for the first time an Indian hotel has managed to secure one of the spots in the exclusive list.

Built just five years ago by Sidharth Singh, the Mihir Garh hotel can truly compliment your adventurous trip to the state of Rajasthan. Overlooking the Thar Desert, the Mihir Garh is an outcome of its owner’s imagination and the local craftsmen’s art.

Planet Baobab occupies the second place on the Lonely Planet’s list of the most extraordinary hotels. This hotel has the most beautiful amalgamation of grass and huts that you will ever come across. The special feature of this renowned hotel is the 4,000 years old baobab trees that make up most of its landscape.

The Prendiparte B&B in Bologna was one of the few European hotels that made it to the list. It is one of the very few B&B left in the city. The rooftop view of this single suite is probably the best that you can get in all of Europe.

most extraordinary hotel

South Africa boasts of two of the three best valued hotels according to the list. The local currency exchange rate is a major reason for the ever increasing tourists’ turnout in the country. The Backpack in Cape Town sits pretty at the top of the list after being accredited by Fair World Tourism. It is renowned as the best African hotel. The Inkosana Lodge and the Sydney harbour YHA occupied the second and the third places respectively in the list.

In the eco list, the Lapa Rios hotel of Costa Rica occupied the top spot. The waves of the Pacific Ocean at an arm’s length add to your heavenly experience. The second place in this list was occupied by South Africa’s Bulungula Backpackers. Jointly owned by the local Xhosa community, the hotel is one of its kinds. According to some travellers who have visited the hotel, its overhead sky is one of the clearest that you will ever come across.



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