Holi Land – Colours of India in Technicolor

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Crazy season is upon us.

Coming as it does about a month after 14th February, this is the original Indian day of love and romance. The festival of colours is a time of love and romance and is celebrated and sometimes abused by most of north India as certain liberties are taken by one and all.

Some people use this as an opportunity to abuse (verbally) their neighbours, friends, enemies, bosses and generally anybody passing by on the streets. Others use this as a chance to tease members of the opposite sex and some even cross the line and molest. People get drunk at 8 in the morning and others stay stoned all day. A lot of people stay indoors and grumble while others leave their home in the morning only to return after 3pm for a bath and then head out again for round 2, 3, 4 and so on.

Colours of India

Vast hordes of people head home from their karmabhoomi, to be with family and friends. North India witness’s people heading to HP, UK, UP and Bihar and the trains are overloaded. The India Railway runs many special trains to handle this rush of happy people heading home. You can well imagine the topic of conversation on these trains.  People heading home for the festival have loved ones on their mind.

Art imitates life and in the imagery of India Cinema, Holi is often expressed in a colourful wet kiss of young love. Let’s travel around and check out this Holi land.

Location #1. Holi in Uttar Pardesh.

Holi in Uttar Pradesh is like innocent young love. Allow me to explain.

Holi in Uttar Pardesh

The heartland celebrates Holi like no other; this is the land of Krishna in Mathura and the Holi celebrations there are of course legendary. Further east is the land of Ram and Ayodhaya; the land of rice and cows. Even further east is the land of the Shiva and the Ganges. All these places in this Holy Land celebrate Holi in unique ways and have inspired our ideas of what Holi should look like and the way it should be celebrated, but it’s the Holi of Banaras that is the show stopper and as the fertile grounds for romance to blossom it is unbeatable. Location, Location, Location as they say.

romance the festival of Holi

Anybody who has any idea about small towns knows that for love to blossom cycles and cycle rickshaws are the most important ingredients. Add to this recipe of romance the festival of Holi and you have the situation to launch a 1000 Mills and Boon…..

 Festival of Holi

Holi in Banaras

WOW, you have just got to love the power of Holi in Banaras, you can almost taste it and it’s sweeter than Banarasi paan, I love young innocent love, continuity be dammed.

love the power of Holi

Uff kya scene hai, kya look hai, kya love hai. HAAI !!!! Mein Mar Jawaan !!!!!

Location #2. Holi in Gujarat

Holi in Gujarat is HOT, like the red chillies that the state is famous for, love over here sizzles like the smouldering Deepika and the smoking hot Ranvir.

love over here sizzles

This Holy land oozes with the milk of human kindness and is once again graced by Krishna and hence it automatically qualifies to be the playground for colourful Holi stories and legends. Anybody who has any idea about anything to do with Gujarat will tell you that like everything in Gujarat, Holi and Love have to start with “Garbo Ramye”???? That means shall we dance the Darba???? Like the Cycle Rickshaw is essential for Love in UP the Garba cannot be separated from LUV in a Gujarati heart. So first they dance.

essential for Love in UP the Garba

Then the girl makes like she can’t control herself and is like all over the place with feeling.

place with feeling

Then the poor Gujju boy is like OMG OMG OMG !!!!

Gujju boy

Then the girl, Gujju girls are cool like that, lets the poor Gujju boy have it, I did mention Crazy season is on us.

Gujju girl

Wow, Rang aur Khushboo Gujarat ki is always a Visual Spectacle especially Visible during Holi, Sorry Mr Bansali, I just could not resist that.

Location #3. Holi Moly in Mumbai

Some important things to note while on the subject of Holi and Romance and all that tends to go wrong when these two things get together. Anybody who knows anything about Holi, knows that while there are a good many good people having good clean fun (see what I did there) out there, there are also wolves out there and Mumbai is no different.

Holi and Romance

One should always be careful not to get into situations that may cause physical harm, like the one here, in which the girl is heading for a humped, err i mean bumped, backside.

girl is heading for a humped

While the above image seems like “harmless” fun, you could be in bigger trouble if you get into something like this.

fun and romantic

Hmm … don’t know if this is fun and romantic.

Hmm ….have a Safe Holi and Happy Travelling.

By Rajesh Baruah


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