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When it comes to trying out something different while travelling, cruising inadvertently finds its place in the list. However, a number of people drop on planning it out and prefer other options for travelling. A detailed study on the reasons behind the depreciation in the number of people opting for cruises revealed some common myths people often form thereby, missing out on a once in a lifetime experience. This article intends to clear out the notions people form about cruise vacations.

Cruises burn a hole in your pocket

Cruises burn a hole in your pocket

One of the major reasons why people don’t even consider cruising as a way to spend vacations is because they believe that it would cost them a fortune. There was a time when it was indeed an expensive package that included every amenity provided on the ship but the times have changed. Now, you simply don’t have to pay for anything extra that you aren’t using. The basic fare just includes accommodation, meals and general amenities like gymnasium and swimming. Anything that comes under the tagline of ‘extra’ is charged only from people who actually use it. So, if you are not sipping that ‘red wine’ or ‘bottled water’, nobody is going to charge any amount from you. Pay for drinks only if you go for them.

Cruises are jam-packed

Cruises are jam-packed

Hearing about the figures might scare you out naturally but it is completely unfair to say that it is a crowd full of people and individuals looking for some peace and tranquility cannot get a place for themselves. Just the way hotels house a number of people but are never counted as crowded, cruises will also find places for you to read a book or listen to music peacefully.

Dining at an assigned time and with annoying people is a part of cruising

Annoying people is a part of cruising

Hell no! Traditionally, cruises did allocate table and time for passengers but not anymore. You do not have to eat with that horrendous guy sitting next to your table. You can always sit with your group of friends and dine whenever you want. Ships, these days offer alternate dining options and places so that passengers can choose from their list of likes.

Cruises are thronged by party people

Cruises are thronged by party people

Another notion that quiet and introvert people often form is that it is the party people who arrive on cruises. If you are on a cruise, it is obvious to have parties and celebrations on-board but it absolutely normal to find non-alcoholics, vegetarians and passengers who prefer silence over loud music. The probability of finding a counterpart of party animals is as high as those who believe in dancing their heart out. There’s a connection you’ll find in every traveler on a cruise, all of them love exploring the world through their eye lenses.

Cruises are not meant for seasick

Cruises are not meant for seasick

Numerous people believe that they would surely go homesick on a cruise however, with the plethora of fun activities today’s ships provide you are bound to enjoy beyond expectations. Seasickness is extremely rare nowadays and even if someone does feel nauseous there’s always medical help on-board.

Cruises are only for people who love beaches

Huh! Are you kidding me? I am one of those people who has always had a dislike for beaches. Never have they attracted me the way they do to everyone I seem to meet but there’s something about cruises that makes me fall in love with them everytime I step on a ship. It is completely untrue that you wouldn’t like cruising if you don’t like beaches. Cruising is more about the love for travel than simply trying to fall in love with the waters. It gives you a chance to meet different people from different parts of the world and often gifts you with friends for life.

Cruises bore you out

Cruises bore you out

No way! This is one myth doing the rounds for a long long time and nobody has actually tried to put a light on it. I’d like to ask a question to everyone who thinks cruising is boring. How on earth can you find cruising boring with all the fun activities doing the rounds and so many people to interact with? There’s something special for everyone’s tastes and likes. There are some really wonderful performances in the evening and numerous classes on different forms of art and music from different parts of the world.

Cruises are for the oldies and turn out to be highly irritating for guys and kids too

guys and kids

There may be a number of oldies who happen to be a part of such cruises but that in no way makes it a boring ride. It’s an altogether fun experience to know about their life and all the interesting and crazy stuff they did back when they were young. Moreover, there are an equal number of family people and singles travelling in a cruise for whom various forms of entertainment sessions are organized by cruise professionals.

Cruises disconnect you from the outside world

Cruises disconnect you from the outside world

Hundred per cent untrue! Ships have news dailies coming out on a regular basis featuring all latest updates about the world including news, sports and entertainment, technology, travel and everything that makes the world talk. Moreover, they also provide television and internet access that keeps passengers stay connected with the world all along.

These were some major myths people form about cruises due to which they lose out on the opportunity on exploring something totally fantastic and mind-blowing. The next time a relative or an acquaintance tells about how boring a cruise could get, redirect them right here. Now, what are you waiting for? Go, get a cruise booked for yourself and enjoy the waters like never before.

By Harshita Srivastava


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