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“Dude, you look drained out early in the morning. What happened?” Akash questioned his colleague and a dear friend, Saurabh.

“Don’t even ask, we had this big argument last night.

Some of our friends had come over for dinner and during a fun game, I forgot our wedding date,” Saurabh replied with expressions totally depicting the consequences he might have faced.

“Man, you’ve landed in deep shit,” Akash laughing away horribly.

“Stop making fun out of it and tell me how do I get myself out of this peril?” Saurabh asked.

“Umm…it’s going to be damn tough to woo your girl back, boy! Hmmm … let me think, we have Valentine’s around the corner, plan something good for the day. Anyway, tell me what does she like?” Akash said as he tried to figure out a way that could help his friend get away with the crime he had committed.

“Shopping, may be but that isn’t going to help this time. We have to think out of the box.”

“Hmm… what else, apart from shopping?” Akash asked as he bit the end of the pencil. It meant he was thinking hard.

“Water… she’s a sea person. The only thing that can calm her down is the water. Does that lead us somewhere?” Akash had already given up.

They thought and thought but something creative just couldn’t land up in the mind of the two bankers.

I am extremely sorry for interrupting guys. Isn’t it a common feature in the lives of men to bear the brunt of an angry (read fanatic, crazy or whatever) wife? So, now that Akash and Saurabh are busy thinking over a solution for their problem, Goibibo just came up with its personal suggestion for sea lovers, for the tortured husbands of high temperament ladies and also for those searching for the best Valentine’s Day getaway in India.

Kerala would undoubtedly be the best option in India for every man who has been harassed by his lady for forgetting her birthday or probably her puppy’s birthday. Now gift your wife a stay amidst the backwaters this Valentine’s Day and regain the lost love.

best Valentine’s Day getaway in India

While the world rises to the irritating sounds of the alarm clock and the honking buses, you and your beloved would have the time of your life by waking up in the middle of the water with palm trees in the background to soothe your nerves. Go for a second honeymoon in the exotic location of Kerala and dive into the pure and serene land. Sail through the calm waters in a houseboat to experience ecstasy with a homely touch. The backwaters of Alleppey are sure to take you back to the days when you had just felt the magic of love. Go back to the times that brought you together and let love take over every hurdle that came across your relationship.

backwaters of Alleppey

Kettuvallam is what the locals refer to houseboats in this region and is a major attraction among tourists in South. You don’t have to worry about food or any kind of necessary amenity as they are facilitated by the houseboat owners. Drinks, traditional home cooked food and even personal chefs are available on-board. A few people also prefer to get themselves an ayurvedic spa Kerala is known for, on houseboats itself. If you are a kind of couple who loves to closely study the culture of a particular place, folk dance sessions are also conducted on certain houseboats. There are separate houseboats for honeymoon couples and people in love seeking privacy for themselves. For some time, take leave from work, forget everything and watch the sun rise and set, together in each others’ arms. Believe me, there’s nothing better than communicating love through silence in the lap of nature.

Oh and yes, here’s wishing a lovely Valentine’s week to you all. With best wishes from the goibibo family.

By Harshita Srivastava



    kiersten said:
    February 23, 2016 at 6:38 am

    I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!


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