The Goibibo Office in Mobile Day Mood

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Think of Mondays and a sudden tremor is what begins to flow all through the body. Yes, the khooni Monday is undoubtedly a horror after the comfy Sunday. Ah! Why do good things come to an end? Now there’s something that might just lighten up your gloomy Mondays. Yes, Goibibo has come up with an icing on the cake for all travel enthusiasts. This treat is called the ‘Mobile Day’ and is sure to sweep you off your feet. It won’t be a Monday anymore, it’s going to be Mobile Day.

Haven’t you been wondering as to what this day actually stands for? Your answers are just round the corner. Imagine a day without mobile. Terrible is the word, isn’t it? Life has become so easy with this gadget staying around us all the time that we can’t even think of existing without this magical box. Whether you are sitting idle or you need to urgently browse through a train schedule, cell phone always comes handy. Laptops are a passé now; it’s the mobile that has taken over. Anyone can access internet and a variety of apps through mobile phones. And that is why, Goibibo brings to you something like never before, something to turn your Monday morning blues to cheerful moods.

Goibibo MobileDay

It is an initiative to motivate people to get the maximum out of technology, to reach out to everyone through high discounts because in the end, what matters is the customer satisfaction. Now book flights, buses, hotels and packages through your mobile phone on Monday and take away goodies for yourself. The gifts could include anything ranging from coffee vouchers and movie tickets to huge discounts on travel packages. All that is required is the Goibibo app on an android or iOS based smart phone or simply accessing the URL of Goibibo on mobile browser to select the services so as to avail prices like never before.

‘Mobile Day’ is celebrated with great fanfare at the Goibibo office. This Monday witnessed the premises decorated with blue and orange balloons and the staff sporting trendy tees that spoke out their vigour and enthusiasm for the day. Have a look at the snapshots to savour the flavor of the fest.

Goibibo Office in Mobile Day

There’s certainly nothing better than a colourful workplace

colourful workplace

colourful Goibibo

Mobile Day woo!!

Goibibo Enjoy Mobile Day

Mobile Day is just getting bigger

Didn’t we tell you that Mondays won’t be gloomy anymore, the smiles of everyone reflects our thoughts.

The contest shows a huge flow of responses from consumers booking and availing gifts. Sharing of the app on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter was on full swing. #GoMobileDay went viral on Twitter with numerous people participating in this innovative concept. Every Monday has just got renamed as Mobile Day for travellers. The month of December asked its customers to share their experience with the Goibibo app so as to win a tablet cover. Another Monday of last month saw mobile covers, coffee vouchers, google bags, movie tickets, T-shirts and a lot more for its winners on offers including discounts upto 30% on hotel booking. On the 27th of January 2014, consumers availed Rs 200 Gocash currency for using Goibibo on their mobile handsets. Aren’t these reasons enough to go mobile? Definitely, yes. If you missed these fabulous services last Monday or rather ‘Mobile Day’, there’s always another one coming next week. Mobile Day is just getting bigger.

By Harshita Srivastava


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