Bad-NAAM Admi Vs AAM Admi

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The super rich are the Strawberry Travellers of the world, flying first class and sipping Strawberry Champagne.

Bad-NAAM Admi

The middle class are the Mango Travellers of the world, looking for discounts and budget hotel coupons wherever they can find them.

AAM Admi

The key difference between these two travellers is that somebody else is paying for the travels of the super rich and the middle class are paying for themselves. Stock brokers and Bankers and Business Tycoons and Oil Barons and Reality Majors and Spoilt Celebrities and Overpaid Footballers constitute the bulk of the Strawberry travellers and all the other people of the world fall into the Mango category.

It’s quite easy to move from Strawberry to Mango but it is very hard to move from Mango to Strawberry takes a lot of doing.

The AAM ADMI of India is on the rise and has in fact come to power in the state of Delhi, he is now eyeing the rest of India. This argues well for those catering to the Mango travellers and the Bad-NAAM ADMI i.e. the Strawberry Travellers of India had better watch out. Mr. Kejriwal is coming.

By Rajesh Baruah


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