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Ibibo’s Got Talent

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Got Talent
Got Talent

YES !!! It was the most anticipated event of the year. The highlight that everybody was waiting.  After blazing a trail across so may countries, so many TV channels and millions of screaming happy fans the humungous format made famous by Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent and India’s Got Talent finally came to The Ibibo Group.

Got Talent organising commetee

The wonderfully talented organising commetee was overwhelmed by the response, and if the auditions was something to go by then the main event promised to be something else. No doubt it was this hard pressed team that delivered the best show of the year and were duely appreciated for the effort.

wonderfully talented
wonderfully talented

The crowd is ready … the tension grows.

crowd is ready

The MC kicks starts the event.

Got Talent Performance

First up ….. a tribute to Rajni !!!!!!

A tribute to Rajni

Girl Performance Got Talent-Goibibo

Group Dance items rocked the party with contemporary jazz ballets.

Group Dance-got talent

The Solo numbers kicked @$$ !!!!

Fun moment at Got talent

The most happening  table on the floor LOVED it.

The judges had a hard time

The judges had a hard time.


The show went down to the wire.

The show went down to the wire

Nobody went home empty handed

Nobody went home empty handed.

Ashish Kashyap

Thank you all for a great show. See you again new year for season two.

By Rajesh Baruah.

Sunburn Festival Diaries

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My story at India biggest party ….. WOOOO !!!!

Sunburn Festival


I first went to the Sunburn Festival in 2009. The resonance of the festival, organized by Percept, an Entertainment, Media and Communications conglomerate, hooted and banged the mood of thousands from noon to dawn. The year 2009 stirred up to ‘Dance Till Dawn,’ making the Sunburn Festival a twenty-four hour festival. As usual the boomy mike was on the hand of Nikhil Chinapa, who hosted the house of trance, music and dance since the inception of the Sunburn Festival from 2007.


I pushed my luck on my lack of knowledge on Sunburn Festival and was prosecuted for this.

I was wearing a pair of jeans, an informal collarless short-sleeved shirt saying, ‘ESCAPED TO FENI TAN & BIKINI SCAN,’ and a pair of sneakers without socks. Whereas my partner Sonam, who perked me up to the trance, was wearing a pair of hot pants, a sleeveless tee saying, ‘MAKE IT LARGE AND GET RECHARGED,’ and a pair of canvas shoes.

Sonam was BANG on the dippy groove that was quaking by the rhythm of its own exuberance. The vibe of voices and splash of lights reached their euphonic height in the blazing crescendo of sounds and lights. The girl whom I discovered last year having a retro look has actually knocked over a hundred trendy hearts when she broke her body parts rhythmically on the nights from 27th to 29th December, 2009.

That was a monster line up of quality music from 12 noon to 10 pm. The moods clenched to heat up till dawn, from 10.30 pm to 5 am, launching the ‘Sunburn After Dark’ series in 2009. Sonam was the ‘Funky Go Poppy Girl’ who was in a red tunic and wore Hawaiian style headgear with white and yellow flowers. She looked alike the typical Goan even though she is from the land of Kurukshetra.

From our memories of Sunburn Festival 2009 and from her cam, I could see the thousands that were thrummed into a state of trance beaten by the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren along with Latin House DJs Roger Sanchez and John. Further the night was electrified with more music from tech house DJ Sultan and trance DJ Sander Van Doorn. She didn’t even miss the fusion of music and play. The Sunburn Festival also presented acts that included Jalebee Cartel, DJ Pearl, Ma Faiza, Nawed Khan and Designer Hippies. There she was in India’s biggest electronic music and dance festival.

I missed out on version 10 and 11…MY BAD !!!!

Festival Diaries


Last year she was coasting on the fusion, with her chic elegance and gentility she appeared dandy. As her every step broke on the beat and thousands hollered and ramped to the same music, she stirred my body part by part. Was that the effect created by Sander an Doorn or was that the ambiance? Well, that was my first visit and it was the Sunburn Festival 2012. I was totally executed from what I was, to a person whom I met for the first time.


That was the day, from the noon of 27th December 2012 to the dawn of 28th, I lasted on with the boogieing spirit that fired up from the alliance of beats and heels on the first stroke of the SUNBURN FESTIVAL 2012. I felt the heat of the burning trance that illumed the serene ambience to a smoke of jubilance. The culinary alleys and shopping arrays where also shaking along with the vibrating floor of India’s best electronic dance music festival.

I was fully spirited. Lucky enough Percept had good collection of liquors from Breezers to Beers and from Whisky to Wine. Those fluids actually acted like drops of fuel and kept thousands on the roll like a coaster. I missed out the 28th day and so I missed the show of Fedde Le Grand and W & W. But the effects of 27th were still splashing bright and pitching fine.

I can’t remember how much I ate and poured. When I woke on the hungover morning of 29th December 2012, I was still burping many a cocktail of feni-whiskey-vodka. My back was aching, like a porter who had carried 50 kg of sacks from the foothills to the base camp of Everest. But I was still on my feet reclining like Jonny Depp from the Hollywood flick, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Savvy!!!

I booted up to hit the dance floor with Sonam once again. The last days headliners were Paul Van dyk , Roger Sanchez. Further on into the night the ambiance swayed to and fro with the voices and beats from James Zabiela, Paul Thomas and Dirty Vegas.

Sunburn Goa

2013 – what I am looking forward to…

The year 2009 had a turnout of over 35000 fans. The beats peaking with wobble and jump in 2010 the Sunburn Festival received  more than 45000 along with monster line up from Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten , Axwell, Sultan & Ned Shepard with Nadia Ali(Live), Richard Durand, GMS, Pete Gooding, Aly & Fila and DJs Pearl, Ma Faiza, Anish Sood and Sanjay Dutta.

Furthermore the unique features of the Sunburn Festival were the Flea Market, Volleyball Court, Massage Center and Spa, Rock Climbing. In the year 2010, Moonwalker, Sunset lounge, Slippery Football, Slippery Volleyball, The Shacks and experimental stage were added. In the year 2012 when we got our passes for the Sunburn Festival, Sonam and I got to know that the festival has already enraptured the hearts of Delhiites and Sri Lankans. Nonetheless the 29th night of December 2012 in Goa was an absolute chart buster.
Sunburn Festive Goa-2013

Yes! I feel that while the rest of India seeks warmth under their cozy blanket, here in Goa the hippies will soar to sweat on the electronic dance floor of the Sunburn Festival.

The flaming beats recur every year on the brilliant beach of Candolim breaking the tranquility that scorches on for three back-to-back December days.

The Sunburn Festival is a redefined Indian festival with a fusion of international beat and domestic trance. Over the years it won from thousands to lakhs of hearts that recur and roll over. I’m all set this year once again. The rumour is, ‘performers this year are going to be double the dance trouble and will cover the entire spectrum of dance music you should know.’

So from my frame of mind, the SUNBURN FESTIVAL 2013 is going to burn the brilliant beach of Vagator.


My Bookings (Past Trips/Upcoming Trips) Makes Its Debut on Android and iOS

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It’s important to look forward, but it’s just as important to reflect back on where you’ve been. Here at goibibo, we believe that this mantra doesn’t only apply to history but to travel as well – look forward to your upcoming trips, but also appreciate and share knowledge about the trips you’ve already taken.

Android and iOS-Goibibo

That’s why we’re so excited to debut past and upcoming trips’ sync on the latest version of goibibo’s Android and iOS apps. No matter where you are, you can now get info about all the trips stored in your past and future itineraries just by adding the mobile number using which you have booked those trips.

For Android users we have extended this feature – when you open the app we will sync itineraries associated with your android registered email id.

So whether you want to share that great hotel you stayed at Goa, or get a cost estimate for a past business trip to Delhi or if you simply want to show off your road warrior record, all that is possible now.

The updated app is now available in the Android and Apple Marketplace. Check it out, and let us know what you think! So Install Now

Snow making machines, another feather on Indian turban!

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Feather on Indian turban

The government of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is ready to purchase snow-creating machineries to fill the Gulmarg slopes with man-made snow in a tender to proceed the ski season in the renowned winter resort. Tourism Department wants to start this new plan initiated from mid-November itself but the Ski Tourism season in Gulmarg usually begins in the month of January.

Ishfaq-ul-Hassan reported in DNA that the snow apparatus will shower water vapours in the air through a snow gun, which would freeze in the circumambient temperature and collapse down as snowflakes on the required area, the snowflakes will make a snow layer of three to four inches, which will be just right for skiing.

Talat Parvez, Director Tourism, Kashmir, said that There is a definite skiing season in Europe. Our ski season is dependent on ecological circumstances. With the aid of these equipments we can ensure that our ski season will start on November 15 or December 1.

The administration is arranging to pay money for both permanent and mobile machines, which are possible to be made to order by next year. Parvez also added, “We are figuring out the technical requirements of the machines, once it is decided, we would invite tenders. We hope by next year we will be able to have the machines,” adding the government is yet to allocate a budget for the same.

Gulmarg, located at a height of 2,690 mts, was announced the seventh top ski resort of Asia in a survey in 2010. It is Popular for its lush green prairies and world-class Alps, the resort seems to be home to Nanga Parbat, the world’s ninth highest peak.

Parvez also said that they would have to do some civil work to level the slopes, so that the snow layer can conveniently be made. The snow machines will only try to appendage till there is a natural snowfall. They want to entice as many as tourists to Gulmarg in the lean months of November and December as possible. And they feel snow machines would go a long way in helping them in their endeavour. By Vikas Nehra

Goa and London are the most preferred destinations for this season

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preferred destinations for this season

By the Analysis of 250,000 online conversations, the favourite international holiday destination for 2013 is London and preferred domestic holiday destination is Goa according to the new IBM Social Sentiment. The online conversations figured, revealed the travel choices of Indian costumers.

The tourism and hospitality was booming as high as 33 per cent of all social interactions noted, signifying a principally high number of conversations regarding flying, driving and holiday with family and friends, among others, the analysis claimed. The IBM Desire Ratio, the proportion of positive versus negative remarks signifying that 59 per cent of people are perceiving forward to take a holiday this month, a release stated.

Going abyss into the social interaction, ‘destinations’ came out as the principal theme interacted. Optimistic sentiment related with ‘lavish places’ also shows a whopping surge. People’s choices for travel and vacation destinations primarily revolved around facilities and experience, while price was a key driver when it comes to hospitality and travel agents.

The most buzz (32 per cent) on all social media mediums the survey found that international places to visit received London as the most said destination city, while Thailand aroused as the most chronic country in social dialogues.

Goa is the ‘buzziest’ travel destination, followed by Delhi-Agra-Jaipur and the Golden Temple proved by the analysis. Taj Mahal, followed by the Golden Temple, is the most emerged shrines in content available online. Also beaches and palaces are proving to be the popular places and one of the top priorities by the travellers, though the charts are being topped by kerala, a trending state in India.

Both High affinity with positive sentiments and highest proportion of optimistic sentiments are lavish achievements garnered. For a medium of transportation, air travel has the highest number of negative remarks.

In the epoch of large information, amid the exposure of social media, counting public sentiment through social listening can benefit the travel industry principal marketing officers who valve real-time inclinations and customise perks and amenities to be more in tune with what consumers are questioning for, utilizing data to tailor their offers to address fast-growing trends and real time traveller needs.

“Measuring social sentiment has the potential to enable the travel industry to design travel offers and services tailored to what travellers are telling us. Big data has the power to offer new insights to the travel industry including airlines, hotels and other travel providers that can translate customer desires into irresistible offers that they will welcome” stated Dr Lata Iyer, Partner, Global Business Services, IBM India & South Asia

The IBM Social emotion Index combines analysis data and real language processing technologies to estimate customer public views from social networking sites like Twitter, blogs, message boards and other social media. In this illustration, the Index was utilized to gauge and realise customer opinions during the vacation travel season in the country from September 1-December 12 this year.

Goa’s Mandovi river gets Lavish Boats for commercial purposes

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Goa’s Mandovi river

For commercial purpose Lavish cruise boats have been presented on the Mandovi river across Panaji, Goa.  Bhargav Desai, Managing Director, Desai Voyages, a Goa-based company said that Though private players have their own cruise boats for quite a few number of years but they have introduced the same facility for common tourists containing middle-class families. There is an introduction by the company of motorised boats in Mandovi river, which has been a significant river in the coastal state, with gigantic pictorial backwaters.

A PTI report says that Desai was quoted saying that Travellers will be able to now book a boat and use up time cruising the river area, which has on its bank many beautiful villages, Old Goa cultural and heritage monuments and islands. The plan is to show another face of Goa, which are not only beaches.

The company has also presented open-deck and open-lounge boats, which are perfect for a group of people, while the main hot spot is lavish boats, which are just right for honeymoon couples.

Joe Ralph, Project Manager, Floating Cruising River Residencies (FCRR) quoted, “Comfort is the hallmark of the entire experience. Boats are built to ensure that person in it is highly safe and also enjoys the best of cruising”. By Vikas Nehra

The chief cities of India will get a boost in the number of flights by Etihad Airways

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flights by Etihad Airways

The Etihad Airways, the National Airline of U.A.E PJSC has introduced a new deal wherein they have augmented the number of flights

by doubling it as well as tripled the figure of seats that it renders between the places, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai and New Delhi. They have also totted up a second daily facility and acquainted wide-bodied Airbus jets on both the itineraries. A release showed that beneath the extended timetables, efficient immediately, new mid-afternoon services to Mumbai and New Delhi are operated with single-passageway Airbus A320s, each having space for around 136 passengers.

The evening flight is now managed with 292-seat Airbus A340-600 aircraft, seating 12 passengers in Diamond First Class, 248 in Coral Economy, and 32 in Pearl Business Class. The Abu Dhabi-Mumbai route is the first Indian route on which Etihad Airways has tendered First Class. The A340-600 will provide exclusive facilities and amenities such as adding 2,044 seats per week from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai, which takes the total from 952 to 2,996 seats in each path, making the capacity triple from the previous.

The experience has been enhanced by rendering the evening service which has been upgraded to a 254-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft, seating 18 guests in Business Class and 236 in Economy,
on the Abu Dhabi-New Delhi route. This will also add 1,778 seats every seven days to and from New Delhi, boosting from 952 seats to 2,730 in each way, almost 3 times the previous facility.

The increased capacity on both directions was in retort to mounting demand for more number of seats and delivering more schedule choice between Abu Dhabi and India’s two prime cities, the President and CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan stated. He also said, “India is a significant and growing market for us. These increases enable us to serve not only the local traffic demands between Abu Dhabi and India, but also to deliver much greater international connectivity for business and leisure guests. Travellers from India will have more opportunities to connect with flights to destinations including Abu Dhabi, the GCC, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, while those flying to India will benefit from additional seats and more schedule options, providing greater travel flexibility,”.

Etihad Airways strategizes to begin from Abu Dhabi, 7-14 flights per week to Kochi opening from June, to Bangalore and Chennai from July, and to Hyderabad from October next year. Seating 174 passengers, the New Airbus A321 aircraft, will be utilized on all Abu Dhabi-Chennai and Abu Dhabi-Kochi services.

Etihad Airways and Jet Airways also aim to code-share on each other’s flights between Abu Dhabi, India and other markets in the Middle East, North America and Europe, subjected to authoritarian approvals in an array of countries. Etihad Airways will also code-share on recent flights by Jet Airways’ between India and the US by way of the Abu Dhabi hub, only subjected to legal approval. By Vikas Nehra