Potentials of Geo-Tourism in Kutch: GERMI Research

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Kutch: GERMI Research
Kutch: GERMI Research

The heritage-rich district, Kutch has been designated as an ideal site for an establishment of Geopark. According to the research conducted by Gujarat Energy and Research Management Institute (GERMI), the region has definite potential to initiate Geo-Tourism.

Geo-tourism explains the type of tourism that enhances the geographical character of a place including culture, aesthetics, heritage, environment and welfare of the residents. This well-laid concept further emphasize on the preservation of the destination and the use of tourism revenue in promoting conservation of culture, history and other prominent assets of the same. Accentuating on the sustainability principles of geographical character, Geo- Tourism should be able to benefit locale, residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, the concept lays emphasis on creating indelible and exceptional travel experience without affecting the natural environs.  This kind of tourism is possible only when the community unites and visitors get an opportunity to learn values from local culture and traditions. The sole purpose of this venture is to directly focus on spreading awareness to both host and visitor. As an endeavour, Geo- Tourism constantly strives on teaching locale to value the heritage by promoting local services, supplies and products. While efforts are also made on encouraging visitors to understand their responsibility of maintaining discipline and keeping the destination unspoiled.

From the business point of view, Geo-Tourism provides opportunity for the local workers. Locales are encouraged to provide their services in different segments by catering the needs of the visitors and residents alike. They are motivated from time to time to support the integrity of the region and seek out better options for new business. On the other hand, Geo-Tourism stimulates tourists to gain new knowledge and the noble culture of paying it forward.

According to PTI reports, the research paper let out by GERMI invigorates on the fact that the district of Kutch is in profound need of infrastructure development as several activities is continuously deteriorating it. It is to be noted that Kutch is the largest district of the state of Gujarat. The region is bequeathed with geological features like Bhujia Hill, Rapar-Chitrod road section, Lakhpat section, Kharinadi section including are from Laiyari to Chhasra and Goradongar Hill section.

The research paper presented by K Swarna of GERMI and S K Biswas of IIT-Kanpur under the noble guidance of Director of GERMI, Prof T Harinarayana highlights that the government of Gujarat is unaware of the heritage richness of Kutch. The paper demands that the government should take apt measures to protect and preserve this region by simply announcing it as a National Geopark, prophesying that this declaration might enable Kutch to develop as the member of Global Geopark Network. Membership in GGN promises increase in Gross Domestic Product as it open doors for plenty of job opportunities along with massive revenue generation.

A further statement in the research papers declares Kutch as a region of national and international importance. Inclusion of Kutch in the Geopark Network also means advance research facilities to scientists and exceptional recreational activities for the visitors. Geopark in the region will also help to commendable growth in India’s tourism and the boost in technology and science sector as well. The proposal concludes with the offer of setting up of Geopark office that will be helpful in the aspects of research and learning for the academic institutions, advisory committees and other relevant areas.



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