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Diwali Celebrations at Goibibo

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The Diwali Celebrations at the goibibo office this year were filled with the colour of life.
The enthusiastic guys got down on their knees and poured forth their love for the festival and its
cultural icons by creating wonderful Rangoli images. Lakshmiji, Peacocks, Ganeshji and other such
images were vendered beautifully in technicolor splendour.

Happy Diwali!!!

Diwali Celebrations

 colour of life

wonderful Rangoli images

Celebrations at Goibibo

wonderful Rangoli images

at Goibibo

Goibibo Office at Gurgaon-Diwali celebration


Yep rocking Diwali at Goibibo Office

Diwali celebration @ goibibo

Rangoli  Diwali

Lets celebrate Diwali

Yes we are on the floor with Rangoli

Diwali celebration @ Goibibo

Happy Diwali @@

gaadi employee enjoy Diwali

Goibibo Celebrate Diwali rocking  way

Goibibo Bangalore Team

Goibibo Fun moment at Diwali

Lets go and have it

Yo Yo diwali daawat!

Top Adventure Places in India

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If you are not a playboy then you must be an insane traveler seeking to exploit every bit what nature mothered on earth. Hence if you are not planning an ideal vacation, the country has lot more to gift you. India is not just an idle destination, come and go bagging some cultural significance and framing some yore heritages, but she is as twitchy with twists as she is dotty with beasts. Holiday in India has become as frequent as you acquaint people in your daily life. Few come here to mull over the erstwhile heritages, few shed tears and write stories up on the solitude hamlets, few wonder the unique cultures prevailing within varied religions and few enchant the scenic beauties, but all these are not part of delirious traveler’s diary. His or her holiday in India means to tap the existence of nature, feel it within the essence of their body, mind and soul and bag some swaggering moments of life.

holiday in India means to tap the existence of nature

[image @ parasailing at Goa – photo credit – Devyani Chakravarty]

Adventure in India is rather a red-hot participation in events or activities. Pick one and you will cognize the other. Say hiking and you will end up with trekking, say paragliding and you will end up with parasailing, say ice-skiing and you will end up with water-skiing, say hot-ballooning and you will end up with spelunking, say river rafting and you will end up with scuba diving. Thus the varied landscape of India brings forth numerous adventure activities in India.

Adventure in India

[image @ trekking in India]

Now when you have already stepped in India and thinking over what to do and where to go, you have got several options. Clap ice-skiing and reach the heights of Auli at Uttaranchal and Gulmarg at Kashmir, clap water-skiing and swash the blue waters of Goa and Kerala, clap for spelunking and dig into the dark natural caves of Meghalaya, clap for scuba diving and kayaking and plunge your body into the depth of Lakshadweep blues and Andaman cyan. Even then your palms are itching for more then count your fingers and you will get more options than that. Snorkeling, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, kite surfing, canoeing, camping, rock climbing, bicycling, mushing, backpacking, horseback riding, elephant riding, jungle safaris and etc are some the popular adventures in India.

popular adventures in India

[image @ snorkeling]

From the alluring heights of Himalaya in North to the beaches of Goa and Kerala in South, from the raging forests of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala in South to the dark tunnels of Meghalaya in East, from the sand dunes of West to the hills of East, India as an adventure destination has everything within her.

Following are the few notable places in India known for respective activities:

places in India-Trekking

[image @ skiing @ Auli]

Gulmarg and Auli: Notable for ice-skiing. Best time to visit is during the winters.

Cherapunji, Meghalaya: Notable for vast rain forest and natural caves. Best time to visit is during the winters.

Valley of Flowers, Roopkund, Hemkund, Pindari in Uttaranchal: Notable for enamoring trekking destinations. Best time to visit is in the months of October, February and March.

Rishikesh in Uttaranchal and Kullu in Himachal Pradesh: Notable for river rafting. Best time to visit is during winters.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands: Notable for Scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and parasailing. Best time to visit is during the months of October – February.

Jaisalmeer, Rajasthan

[image @ Desert Safari at Jaisalmer]

Jaisalmeer, Rajasthan: Notable for Camel Safaris. Best time to visit is during winters.

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Beaches of Goa and Kerala: Notable for parasailing, motorboating and water-skiing. Best time to visit is during winters.

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Jungle Safaris @ [Season: October – June]*

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka: Notable for Tahr, Gaurs, Elephants, Tigers and Deer

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan: Notable for Tigers and Varied Bird Species

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Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh: Notable for Tigers & Elephants

Gir National Park, Gujarat: Notable for Asiatic Lions.

hotels in Ranthambore

[image @ Ranthambore National Park]


Tenth Dreamliner, Another feather in Air India’s turban

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With the landing of 10th Dreamliner aircraft yesterday, Air India has climbed one more step of success. Minister for Civil Aviation, Ajit Singh flew into New Delhi from Seattle with the latest Boeing 787.Report says that Civil Aviation Minister visited United States along with his Ministry officials to attend the India-US Aviation Summit. Apart from official visit to the Boeing headquarters and manufacturing facilities, he was also engrossed in meetings with multiple aviation officials.The aircraft was received by RohitNandan, Chairman and Managing Director, Air India and Prabhat Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, reports PTI.

Air India’s turban

The much anticipated Boeing 787 is a super-efficient airplane, providing advance solutions for aviation industry and passengers. The 787 Boeing family offers fuel efficiency and exceptional engine performance. Dreamliner 787-8 is capable of carrying 210-250 passengers and the 787-9 variant has the capacity to carry 250-290 passengers. The latest 787-10, launched in June 2013 extends the capacity to 300-330 passengers on 7,000 nautical miles. It is to be noted that Dreamliner uses 20 percent less fuel and offers 20 to 45 percent more cargo revenue than any same-sized aircraft.

The advance technology and plush interior also makes this Dreamliner a much sort after aircraft in aviation industry. Health Monitoring System enables maintenance reports sent automatically to the ground-based computer set up. Simple architecture and innovative design are prominent features of this efficient flying machine. General Electrics and Rolls Royce incorporate a new engine that takes a two-generation leap in technology. Boeing 787 is the most popular and efficacious twin-aisle airplane in the contemporary era.

Despite its excellent features, the much anticipated Dreamliner suffers gamut of technological glitches. Air India spokesperson, G.P Rao conferred several issues regarding the aircraft. Recently the airplane suffered cracks in windowpanes and other issues like false alarms in cockpit panels, inefficient brake system and falling of panel part. However, Wilson Chow, Communication and Marketing Manager of Boeing in the positive note said that they are working on the problems faced by the aircraft.

According to PTI, Air India has been experiencing number of problems with newly-acquired Dreamliner since last year. Reports say that the veteran airline of India has placed order of at least 27 new Boeing 787 to expand its global network. It is to be noted that the Dreamliner are also flying on domestic routes like Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bengaluru and Delhi-Kolkata. Air India; currently connect cities like Birmingham, Melbourne and Sydney. The airline plans to expand routes to Rome, Milan and Moscow by the winter of 2013.

By Vikas Nehra

Potentials of Geo-Tourism in Kutch: GERMI Research

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Kutch: GERMI Research
Kutch: GERMI Research

The heritage-rich district, Kutch has been designated as an ideal site for an establishment of Geopark. According to the research conducted by Gujarat Energy and Research Management Institute (GERMI), the region has definite potential to initiate Geo-Tourism.

Geo-tourism explains the type of tourism that enhances the geographical character of a place including culture, aesthetics, heritage, environment and welfare of the residents. This well-laid concept further emphasize on the preservation of the destination and the use of tourism revenue in promoting conservation of culture, history and other prominent assets of the same. Accentuating on the sustainability principles of geographical character, Geo- Tourism should be able to benefit locale, residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, the concept lays emphasis on creating indelible and exceptional travel experience without affecting the natural environs.  This kind of tourism is possible only when the community unites and visitors get an opportunity to learn values from local culture and traditions. The sole purpose of this venture is to directly focus on spreading awareness to both host and visitor. As an endeavour, Geo- Tourism constantly strives on teaching locale to value the heritage by promoting local services, supplies and products. While efforts are also made on encouraging visitors to understand their responsibility of maintaining discipline and keeping the destination unspoiled.

From the business point of view, Geo-Tourism provides opportunity for the local workers. Locales are encouraged to provide their services in different segments by catering the needs of the visitors and residents alike. They are motivated from time to time to support the integrity of the region and seek out better options for new business. On the other hand, Geo-Tourism stimulates tourists to gain new knowledge and the noble culture of paying it forward.

According to PTI reports, the research paper let out by GERMI invigorates on the fact that the district of Kutch is in profound need of infrastructure development as several activities is continuously deteriorating it. It is to be noted that Kutch is the largest district of the state of Gujarat. The region is bequeathed with geological features like Bhujia Hill, Rapar-Chitrod road section, Lakhpat section, Kharinadi section including are from Laiyari to Chhasra and Goradongar Hill section.

The research paper presented by K Swarna of GERMI and S K Biswas of IIT-Kanpur under the noble guidance of Director of GERMI, Prof T Harinarayana highlights that the government of Gujarat is unaware of the heritage richness of Kutch. The paper demands that the government should take apt measures to protect and preserve this region by simply announcing it as a National Geopark, prophesying that this declaration might enable Kutch to develop as the member of Global Geopark Network. Membership in GGN promises increase in Gross Domestic Product as it open doors for plenty of job opportunities along with massive revenue generation.

A further statement in the research papers declares Kutch as a region of national and international importance. Inclusion of Kutch in the Geopark Network also means advance research facilities to scientists and exceptional recreational activities for the visitors. Geopark in the region will also help to commendable growth in India’s tourism and the boost in technology and science sector as well. The proposal concludes with the offer of setting up of Geopark office that will be helpful in the aspects of research and learning for the academic institutions, advisory committees and other relevant areas.


Imperial Bags the World Luxury Hotel Award 2013

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Reckoned to be the best hotel in the world, The Imperial was honoured with the award of World Luxury Hotel 2013. The eminent hotel was chosen as the ‘Best Luxury Hotel in India for 2013’ in the World Luxury Hotel Awards (WLHA) ceremony.

World Luxury Hotel Award 2013
World Luxury Hotel Award 2013

The Imperial embraces facets of Indian history. The hotel was established in 1936 and since then, it has been known for providing impeccable services to its guests. Famed for its colonial style, the hotel offers an exceptional blend of old and new. A melange of architecture and décor of the hotel impresses onlookers. The spacious rooms and the imposing interior maintain the elegance in every corner of the grandeur. The Imperial has obtained opportunities to serve great Indian personalities as well. Features like the Presidential suit, lavish dining area and Jacuzzi contribute to the luxury it enables to the guests. Each floor of the lavish hotel is replete with the original work of artists matching to the taste and status of the occupant.  Designed in a way to make each visit an indelible experience The Imperial is more than a hotel, In fact is a destination in itself.

According to reports, Indigo Pearl Resort in Phuket was the venue for the WLHA, held on November 1, 2013. These trouper awards recognize the excellent work of the luxury hotels world-wide. It stands as a testimony to the brilliant services, dedication and leadership quality in the hotel industry. The awards were established in the year 2006 and ever since have been working diligently in the direction of appreciating hard work and dedication in the luxury hotel segment.

Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager, The Imperial, New Delhi, Vijay Wanchoo humbly declared The Imperial as an iconic heritage hotel, which reflects opulence and assures unparalleled standard maintenance. In the same vein, he further concluded that the hotel takes great pride in achieving this award and promised to continue similar excellent work at all times. It is to be noted that Imperial was honoured with title of Leading Luxury Hotel in India during the years of 2010, 2011 and 2013.


The New UI – OMG !!!!!

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Yep, it’s an OMG moment!!!!!

When you open the hotel booking engine on you are in for an OMG moment. Firstly it’s a feast for your eyes. The BIG PICTURE format is both modern and eye catching. It provides a showcase to our hotel inventory is the most pleasing manner possible.

New UI-Goibibo
New UI-Goibibo
New UI-Goibibo-2
New UI-Goibibo-2

When you scroll down, the images and banners tumble like Pinterest, this is easy and smooth and very eye catching again. The different categories are like Business Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Budget Hotels and Holiday Hotels are highlighted with HI RES images and several unique offers like the Sunburn offer, Musikcon and steal deals like the 25% discount are showcased beautifully with various tools like layover text and “new” and “deal” buttons. The overall effect of the new UI is very pictorial and appealing.

New UI-Goibibo-3
New UI-Goibibo-3
New UI-Goibibo-4
New UI-Goibibo-4

But what we have been talking about are what could be called cosmetic improvements, the real star of the new UI is our all new Universal Search Portal or what we call the Goibibo’s one stop shop. This awesome tool allows you access to International hotels, Domestic hotels, Location specific hotels like Karol Bagh or Andheri, Area defined hotels like Airport Zone or Bus Stand, Landmark oriented hotels like Taj Mahal Area and of course Hotel Name specific searches. We feel that being timeline independent is what makes this engine special and liberating in many ways.

New UI-Goibibo-5
New UI-Goibibo-5
New UI-Goibibo-6
New UI-Goibibo-6

And now presenting the superstar of the piece, which is the auto suggest function. This is a self correctional engine that can recognise and fix spelling mistakes.

New UI-Goibibo-7
New UI-Goibibo-7

It also intelligently suggests AKA names. For example if you type “Udhagamandalam” the search platform automatically knows that you are talking about “Ooty”

New UI-Goibibo-9
New UI-Goibibo-9

So we welcome you into the world of Goibibo Hotels with our fast new intuitive search platform which is both easy and smooth to use.

And now that you are in we have many more features and tools to make your search process a wonderful experience.

New UI-Goibibo-10
New UI-Goibibo-10

Here is a Goa Hotels page showing the “WOW” map feature

New UI-Goibibo-11
New UI-Goibibo-11

Please jump right in and enjoy the New Goibibo experience. Happy Travelling  imageimageimage

By Rajesh Baruah

Winters Are Funny – a Photo Blog

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Winter is the funniest season around, and here are some reasons why.

1) So you are from sunny Goa and your sadist girlfriend is from Himachal Pradesh. You are in bed, wrapped in a cozy dream. As usual your GF wakes up before you and being a mental case she decides to pull a boarding school prank at your expense.

ARGHHHHHH !!!!!!!! B!T(H….Mar Dala Boss !!!!!


2) It’s very important to be well covered up for this season. In fact one of the good things about winter is that you get to wear cool warm clothes and be quite the fashionable dude. It’s well known that the jeans and white shirt look is a well established fashion staple and was made famous by Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun but if you don’t want to be an ASS this winter then it would be a good idea to cover up better.

Dude lag raha hai yaar !!!!!!!!


3) On the subject of winter grooming it has to be said that those with moustaches and beards are better covered and hence better protected against the chill but then again it has to be said that there are some complications that may arise. See for yourself before you make your choice. To shave or not that is the question.

Mooch nahi toh kuch nahi !!!!!!!


4) There is some truth in the fact that if you keep your extremities warm then you will be warm all over. By extremities I mean hands, feet, face and err …..

Warm it up boss!!!!Ahhh feeling goodimage


5) Hot water is very necessary to have a good bath in the winter. However it’s not always easy to get that hot water and one may have to improvise. Look at the extremes that people will go to for a hot tub bath.

Thanda Thanda Paani !! Garam Garam Pani !!


6) If you do end up with a bad cold like Mona darling here


Next time remember to dress up warmly, like this dude here.


7) A good hat is highly recommended, as mentioned earlier, keep the various ends warm is the most important part of staying cool in the winter.

Feeling warm and fuzzy all over!!!!!!!


8) Finally a word on the importance of a good diet. In the cold season your bodies need are different and one has to take care to ensure that all the nutritional requirements are met. Juices that provide heat and vitamins are highly recommended as long as they are easy to visit and the last word on winter care is the tender lovely care from Moms. Veg moms and cheken moms are highly recommended for feeling warm this winter.


Veg moms and cheken moms
I think he means veg momos and chicken momos!

Take good care … HAPPY WINTERS image  image