Meet Vikalp Sahni- CTO Goibibo

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Vikalp Sahni- CTO Goibibo
Vikalp Sahni- CTO Goibibo

Vikalp Sahni has travelled a long way on the information expressway from Jabalpur to Silchar to Delhi to Bangalore and still takes his cycle to work. Not one to get bored of little Bits of data, Vikalp is always looking for big Byte challenges.  

Tell us about your last eating out experience

With close friends at a very own Claytopia an open coffee shop at Indira Nagar Bangalore. Its a weekend adda for the group where we curse each other and make all of us laugh out loud.

How do you get to office? How is the experience?

I Cycle, a sweaty and hearty experience 🙂

Your last holiday…Where? Which Airline? Which Hotel/Resort?

We drove down to Coorg for a long weekend trip. We took the Road and drove down. stayed in Taj Vivanta Coorg an amazing property amidst serene coorg rain forests. Loved property, service and weather.

Tell us about one good habit you have

I follow traffic rules, religiously. And drive patiently 🙂

Tell us about one bad habit you have

I have very odd and bad sleeping habits.

What’s in your wallet/bag right now?

in bag everything right from my toothbrush to books, t-shirts, tracks, sports shoes, deo, arduino, a raspberry pi, cables always ready to travel or hack or for Gym 🙂

in my wallet a Rs 20 note and and old 1 Re note my freshly done license with a few credit cards. Also passport size photos of my family 🙂

Tell us about your last Bus journey

Bangalore To Chennai, KSRTC airawat volvo, always been a fan of KSRTC and there services. Never starts on time but always reaches on time or before time.

Your favorite dish …to cook ?

I can’t cook 😦  though i can prepare a nice tea

You are in a meeting …someone lets one go …what will you do?

The 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word

a)      Batman –    Comics

b)      Cricket –      Sachin Tendulkar

c)       Airport –     early mornings

d)      Ood-bilav –   some animal 😀

e)      Thai Green Curry –  Yummy

f)       Bantha Lemon- Missing it Badly.

g)      Musharraf –  Bad Guy

h)      Monsoon –   Chai Pakore

I)     Metric system –  Scale

j)        Profit  –  Customers or users.


One thought on “Meet Vikalp Sahni- CTO Goibibo

    Prabhjot said:
    August 20, 2015 at 5:09 am

    Lage raho Vikalp Bhai 🙂


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