Diwali – Version 2.0 –A presentation to Samudragupta by Harisena

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A possible scene in the court of Samudragupta. Harisena’s ideas presented here could have been Mythified and Legended by the Indian people over the past two millennia and today have become the festival of Diwali. Happy Diwali Happy Reading.

Harisena – My Lord, you are truly great! You now control more of Bharatwarsha than any ruler ever did, you are Supreme, you are overwhelming, you are the so incredible, so magnificent, so gifted that the people on the street have started calling you Raja Chakrawarti, in fact some of the outer regions think you are an incarnation, an Avatar of Krishna !!!!

Avatar of Krishna
Avatar of Krishna

HH SamudraGupta –   ‘Hmmmm.’

Harisena – Sire, I checked the numbers and it appears that you now control the entire Ganga Basin along with the feared forest clans of the Vindhya region but it’s your most recent campaign that has got us the most eyeballs and sent your ratings soaring.

Gupta Empire
Gupta Empire

HH SamudraGupta –   ‘Hmmmm.’ (Eats Paan – 120/300 Katri Supari)

Harisena – Your Grace, everyone knew of the terrible rule of Narakasura the demonic king of Kamrup. Narak had defeated 16 local tribe lords and dragged 16,000 women to his palace, just for the fun of it. Your stupendous battle with him was a wonderful example of ambush warfare and now you control the Bharmaputra.


HH SamudraGupta – Handsomely spits Paan into a spittoon, he looks into the distance and he then says ‘Hmmmm.

Harisena – Your highness has married the 16000 women and given them the right and honour to be named as your wives. This phenomenal gesture and has further fuelled your legend. This brings us to the point of this presentation, the team and I believe this a superb opportunity for us to create a mega event, strictly BTL but with a 360 approach and we want to launch it with a high octane media blitz.


HH SamudraGupta – ‘HuH’!!!!

Harisena – Your benevolence! Let me explain. As you are well aware the crop is ready in the fields, when the crop is taken we have a celebration and the people buy all kinds of things etc. This event called “Dhandiwas” is good for business but we are thinking we need to make it large. Let’s add some value to “Dhandiwas” and extend with a new day, let’s call it “Narakasura Maurya diwas” and make it into a two night package.


HH SamudraGupta props himself up in his throne picks up his Veena and says – “HMMMMMM”

Harisena – Your Munificence! We were also thinking about the gold coins of the Goddesses Ganga and Laxmi that you wanted to launch, let’s launch all the properties together and go for a Mega action plan with a “Laxmi Diwas” and   (Interrupted by HH Sam jumping out of his throne)

Goddesses Ganga and Laxmi
Goddesses Ganga and Laxmi

HH SamudraGupta – Enough!….. I have seen the light. This is a shining star of an idea. This is a brilliant plan. I can see the big picture here. Let’s call this property “Diwali” after the light that it has sparked in my head. Let’s call the day to buy new things and celebrate as “Dhanteras” as it is the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin.  Hmmmmm ….This is good…. Let’s call the celebration of the victory over Narak as Naraka Chaturdasi as naming it with my name would make me appear vain. Let’s call the day of the launch of the new coin as “Laxmi Puja” so people see it as a religious or a cultural activity rather than a commercial one. Yes….this is good. I am sure we can add-on a few more ideas to this and make it Viral.

Harisena – Sire you are truly a radiant star who shines with the awareness of the inner light.

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali.

Notes –

*Harisena was the panegyric poet of Samudragupta Maurya’s court.

*Krishna is credited with killing Naraksura the king of Pragyotish along with his wife Satyabhama. Samudragupta also conquered Assam in around 350 CE.

*Samudragupta minted a gold coin with the image of Laxmi.

*Wiki – He was known to have been “a man of culture”, a patron of learning, a celebrated poet and a musician. Several coins depict him playing the Veena. He was surrounded by a galaxy of poets and scholars and took effective actions to foster and propagate religious, artistic and literary aspects of Indian culture.

*Naraksura image from Dajiworld.com

*Rice farmer image from Guardian

*Diwali girl – touch talent

By Rajesh Baruah


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