Lets Meet Ankit Rastogi – Business Head Hotels & Holidays

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Ankit Rastogi - Business Head Hotels & Holidays
Ankit Rastogi – Business Head Hotels & Holidays

Ankit Rastogi – Business Head Hotels and Holidays

Tour-de-Gurgaon aspirant, Globe Trotter and Microwave Masterchef Ankit has feasted in Jakarta, taken a bite of Orange, California and stewed apples in Harsil

Tell us about your last eating out experience

Had some authentic Indonesian at a small by lane restaurant in Central Jakarta . It   was  in heavy Coconut gravy  very similar to Kerala food.

How do you get to office? How is the experience?

Daily Drive to office of  6KM not taking more than 20 min . Though dream of cycling to office.

Your last holiday…Where? Which Airline? Which Hotel/Resort?

Drove in my car to a picturesque small village Harsil 20KM before Gangotri  in Uttrakhand and returned just 3 days before the Himalayan Tsunami. Stayed at Himalayan Eco Lodge, Harsil.

Tell us about one good habit you have

Learning from my peers

Tell us about one bad habit you have

Saying NO is difficult

What’s in your wallet/bag right now?

Few bucks, lot of cards (business & credit) and passport size pics

Tell us about your last Bus journey

Bangalore to Chennai in Olivea (To have firsthand ultra luxury bus journey experience)

Your favorite dish …to cook ?

Cooking is de-stressing for me and I believe in Microwave cooking. Currently experimenting with pizzas with homemade pizza base.

You are in a meeting …someone lets one go …what will you do?

Move on.

The 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word

a)      Batman  – Movie

b)      Cricket – Always draws attention

c)      Airport – International ones are awesome destinations in itself

d)      Ood-bilav – Can recall a batch-mate from engineering with heavy           moustaches and similar pet name

e)      Thai Green Curry – Recommended to eat

f)       Bantha Lemon – Great memories

g)      Musharraf – Army Head turned Presi in Blazer

h)      Monsoon  – Travel countryside

i)        Metric system – KM vs Miles

j)        Profit  – Must for sustenance and what we strive daily


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