Dilli Haat Preparing for Travelista

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Travel enthusiasts have something to look forward to in October in New Delhi. Travelista, which is a travel film, photography and shopping festival, will be showcasing its second edition at Dilli Haat. The three-day ic festival is to begin on October 11, 2013.

Travelista will be the venue of activities including travel film showcase and photography exhibition. Dilli Haat will also be seen replete with multitude of stalls comprising apparel, home décor, jewelry, pop art and vintage display. This second edition of the festival will enable the travel film-makers and photographers to exhibit their work through a gamut of activities prepped for this fest.  According to the organizers, indiabackpackers.com has come forward to promote the event.

Being a much anticipated event in the city, Travelista will put up a show with attractions like colorful art installations, nomadic film screening, roadside carts selling tea, popcorn and other varied and creative establishments. This lively fest aims at providing a platform to budding women designers, entrepreneurs and trained artists to exhibit their talents. Travelista will also provide a common podium to a passion that is celebrated world-wide and might also help in tourism promotion in India.


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