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A day comes when you realize what went good about that morningthat day is not today …..

Good morning-Goibibo
Good morning


The 3’o clock alarm went off and all of a sudden you remembered that four months back you actually booked your flight ticket on a Sunday morning at 6.15. Well… you were aware of that until the Saturday night poured you to a state of isolation that fled to a steamy dream. This wasn’t happening… right? But then the clock ticked to 5.30. So you were about to leave for a month vacation on a Sunday morning…?

The 3’o clock alarm went off
The 3’o clock alarm went off


‘Oh Gawd! Just thirty minutes???’ you cried out.

Fortunately you had your bag packed a day before yesterday but it seems the shirt you were about to wear was scrunched up. So there you went for another pick and luckily you had the tee-shirt ready. You dressed up and booted up… took your wallet and you didn’t forget your wrist watchWOW !!!!

Your cab that you booked last evening was waiting outside for couple of hours and there you were about to lock your doors… rumble rumble …..‘Holy S@#T!!!’ That spicy dinner you had before you were poured to your yummy dreams. The nature finds its own way to release its pressure and so happened with you. Your pious stomach was just about to burst and you had no other options than to check in to your royal throne. Your day starts with some enigmatic trauma.

had no other options
Had no other options


So you missed your flight… and thereby you also had to pay the cab… and you are home. To further add to the woe… Load-shedding!!!!!

You have now the entire day to think over it and chalk out a new plan. ‘Man! My Woman is waiting there… what am I going…’ Think of the devil and she calls you… but lucky enough the power returned.

‘Have you boarded the flight?’ she asked and you answered, ‘Well… No! There is a delay of 4 hours…’ and you started to think of a good odd reason that may bounce out of her brain. And you did sobut you have 4 hours now… not the entire day anymore. So don’t mess it up. Again round of load-shedding power the other kind …

You seemed less worried… actually you were screwed literally. You scrolled down the entire chart of the current airfare in your mobile …. that really hammered your skull. It was five times more than what you have booked 4 months back. This gave you a vivid picture of the current economy in IndiaYou don’t have the time to think BOSS! 3 hours left and you were to board your flight. ‘Now What…?’ Remember that actually you were… hmm! Reproduce some honest ideas. Once again you were lucky as the power came back and your filament fired up.

‘HelloactuallyI missed the flight….it is a long story… I’m coming by train…’ Your honesty was good enough till “story”… but you could have checked the train berth availability before you think of Indian Railways. There you were again… now fired… ‘DAMN… waiting list 297??? Are you kidding?’ So you went for Tatkal booking and lucky enough you grabbed the reservation of the Express that was going to depart at 4 pm.

Back Home
Back Home


There you had ample time. After you had your breakfast you went on to watch the Euro Cup highlights on your brand new PLASMA. Summer was at its peak and your outdated Window Air Condition dropped to its minimum level. Actually you were relaxing, which was good. It was around noon when you decided to take your lunch. So you ordered from the nearby home delivery food center… chicken korma and biriyani that came at around 1pm. Again load shedding… and with 15 minutes sweats poured off your brow. That was obvious… and that made you to decide to go for a bath. Fresh enough and this time you were aware that time was running away. You went for a proper outfit this time leaving your jeans and tee that you were wearing on your bed.

Good morning
Good morning


It was already 2.15 and you hurried up. You dressed up and booted up… and didn’t even forget your wrist watchyou locked your door and thereby you got into the taxi… you even reached in front of the station, ‘What the hell !!!’ What happened ? You actually left your wallet in your bedridden jeans… remember? So go back 40 minutes and come backagain 40 minutes approximately and there you are close to board your train and suddenly what stopped you? Was that your outdated Window AC that you kept on? You are going for a month holiday… and your AC didn’t even have power saver… So you are back home safe and sound. Home Sweet Home. You missed your train…




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    Azat said:
    May 14, 2015 at 3:15 am

    You can stay at any good hotel at Mahipalpur .it will be 15-20 minutes drive from the ditesmoc airport. you can search for websites of the hotels located at mahipalpur and decide good luck


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