Interview with Ganesh Iyer – Director Flights

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Lets meet Ganesh Iyer – Director – Flights.

Ganesh believes the new airport near Mumbai should be called Banta Cruz 🙂

Ganesh Iyer - Director Flights
Ganesh Iyer – Director Flights

Tell us about your last eating out experience

 Don’t know…It been long

How do you get to office? How is the experience?


Your last holiday…Where? Which Airline? Which Hotel/Resort?

 Goa/GoAir/Private Guest House

Tell us about one good habit you have

 Good Listener

Tell us about one bad habit you have

 binge Eating

What’s in your wallet/bag right now?

 Taxi Bills, Rs. 500 note and 3 credit Card and 1 debit card and Priority pass card driving license

Tell us about your last Bus journey


Your favorite dish …to cook ?


You are in a meeting …someone lets one go …what will you do? –

Change the Meeting room

10.   The 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the    word

a)      Batman –                   Movie

b)      Cricket –                    Sachin

c)       Airport –                   Lounges

d)      Ood-bilav –               what is this

e)      Thai Green Curry –  Yummy…

f)       Bantha Lemon –      Santha

g)      Musharraf –            Very sad

h)      Monsoon –            Traffic Jam

i)        Metric system –    Mathematics….

j)        Profit  –                   Very nice


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