All-Season Tourism for Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Andaman and Nicobar Administration (ANA) along with the Department of Tourism have plans to position the two islands as all-season destinations.  In order to promote all-season tourism of Andaman and Nicobar, the tourism board has decided to promote it through fairs and festivals all year round.

ANA aims at targeting inbound and domestic segments, which is likely to include youth. It has already finalized plans to organize road-shows and participate in travel trade fairs. Evidently, ANA has already been an active participant in Travel and Tourism Fair of cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Surat. Apparently, it is likely to participate in Bengaluru and Chennai editions of the Fair in January 2014. World Travel 2013 and ITB Berlin 2014 will be the next steps of ANA to allure inbound traffic. It is to be noted that World Travel 2013 will be held in London from November 4-7 this year and ITB Berlin 2014 will be held between March 5 and March 9, next year.

Speaking about the plans and further strategies of ANA, C G Vijay, who is Manager (Tourism), Directorate of Information Publicity and Tourism, Andaman & Nicobar Administration said, “The Andaman and Nicobar Islands has many things to be explored by tourists. The Department of Tourism hosts festivals throughout the year and we are trying to bring more tourist footfall during these festivals. We are promoting the Island Tourism Festival from January 5-15, the Beach Festival in April, the Music Festival/Monsoon Festival in May/June, and the Food Festival in September, World Tourism Day celebrations on September 27, and Film Festival in November, to achieve the same. Also, we will promote activities like forest safaris and hiking for promoting the Islands as all-season destinations.”

Indira Point, an exotic destination is on target to be promoted as a new thriving destination in Nicobar Islands. Speaking about Indira Point and Great Nicobar Islands Vijay said, “It is a beautiful island and is the actual Southern-most tip of India; and that is exactly how we are touting the island. Currently, we are trying to increase connectivity to the island. We recently opened sea plane services to the destination from Port Blair and are improving catamaran services to the island. We are planning to promote it as a destination for a day trip,”


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