Goibibo.com Gets its First Channel Manager

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Goibibo.com is teaming up with inventory management system, STAAH. This venture will enable goibibo.com to introduce its first channel manager, which is associating with the travel website. According to reports, this integration will prove to be beneficial for both the companies. In fact, STAAH will get an opportunity to expand its connectivity options with its hotel partners. On the other hand, goibibo.com is likely to get extensive benefits out of this venture. .

According to Tarun Jourkani, the Marketing Manager of STAAH “their aim is to make the process of updating distribution channels quicker and more efficient for hotel customers and their essential objective is continuous expansion of their network of distributors. We are extremely delighted to be the first channel manager to associate with Goibibo.com. Its connection with STAAH will make it much easier for our hotel partners to update latest products and rates, enabling them to bring their best offers to the customers.”

Goibibo.com, a leading travel website offers travelers to buy tickets, book hotels and holidays online see this opportunity as a key to the profitable business association. The association will ensure a distribution platform for managing channels and will enable Goibibo.com with updated rates and availability.


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