Interview with Deepak Tuli ( COO of

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Deepak Tuli ( COO of
Deepak Tuli ( COO of

Meet Deepak Tuli, the strapping young COO of Deepak has just finished reading book three of the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffery Archer. Deepak is very clear as what Independence Day means to him……HOLIDAY ! Let’s go …..

Tell us about your last eating out experience

It was an amazing Kerala restaurant in Bangalore , Fab fish, Perfect prawns, Awesome Appams and Iddiappam.

 How do you get to office? How is the experience?

I travel by Delhi Metro. It’s a very good experience, no traffic, no stress. The best part is, I get time to read during my journey (2 hrs every day) – I am currently reading

 Your last holiday…Where? Which Airline? Which Hotel/Resort?

It was in Goa, Taj hotel, Go airlines. Goa is always at its best  (I visit often, even twice a year) but experience at Taj was up to the mark.

 Tell us about one good habit you have

I am always looking to learn new and emerging technology.

 Tell us about one bad habit you have

I am a bit short tempered. Just a bit ….mind it.

 What’s in your wallet/bag right now?

Credit cards but no money, my book and laptop.

 Tell us about your last Bus journey

It was way back from Jaipur to Delhi, Volvo journeys are so comfortable.

 Your favorite dish …to cook ?

Pao Bhaji, pasta, chicken stew and many more….i’m a big foodie.

 You are in a meeting …someone lets one go …what will you do?

I’ll Pass…..this question.

 The 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word

Batman: When can I watch the next part ?

Cricket: Not worth it now

Airport: Tiring journey

Ood-bilav: Sucks

Thai Green Curry: Yummy my favorite dish

Musharraf: Hungry for power

Monsoon: Love it

Metric system: Monitoring

Profit: That’s what I work for.


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